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Practical Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless IntercomsThe intercom industry has stayed very solid over the years. In part this is due to the consistent need for home security and apartment efficiency, however it should also be noted that the intercom world has moved with the times and incorporated certain forms of technology into the products available. One such piece of technology is video intercom – this adds another layer of security that is invaluable, particularly for the elderly or other groups at risk. However, one of the most convenient pieces of technology to infiltrate the world of intercoms is wireless. Wireless is used from everything from gaming controllers to kettles – the elimination of wires is making the lives of the consumer much cleaner and simpler.

However, some may argue that not all wireless technology is completely useful – after all, some forms of this technology offer minor convenience more than anything. Wireless intercom systems really utilize the practicality of wireless by not forcing the homeowner to lay cables and make connections throughout their house. This can be challenging for a number of reasons and it takes a skilled person to know how to discretely hide wires running through a home. Wireless technology is at a point now where the signal is strong, reliable and best of all – portable. If the homeowner wishes to move the receiver to a different room of the house, this can be done very easily.

Choosing which wireless intercom system can seem daunting if one has never purchased intercom products before. However, just like any industry, there are trusted brands and trusted products that can be easily found online. For those looking for a door intercom system wireless, there are many options available – from a steel housed outdoor station for to endure all-weather conditions, to a simple 1-to-1 system that can be installed in minutes. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the homeowner with a house too big to always be close to the door, or the grandma needing a little bit more security than a peephole.

Choosing the right intercom requires a little bit of research but there is a lot of variety on the market and a lot of solid, reliable products. Choosing a door intercom system wireless is a good choice for just about anybody – utilizing the power of wireless in this format will do wonders for cleaning up those messy wires laid all throughout the house and allow a certain degree of efficiency.

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Advanced Communication Technology in the Mining Industry

Two Way RadioThere are many difficult and dangerous businesses and industries that help support our civilization, none more fraught with peril than mining. Every year, thousands of workers put their lives on the line to find and recover the basic materials that keep the wheels of industry turning. The key to their safety and to continued high levels of production is communication.

Two way communication technology for the mining industry has come a long way over the past decades, and is today both powerful and reliable. The environment for this work is typically outdoors or underground, two locations that are traditionally tough on equipment.

One excellent solution for this communications problem is an outdoor wireless intercom system, one that is particularly designed and built to withstand environmental extremes while still delivering high quality audio. The nature of the terrain involves often precludes the installation of cables or other infrastructure, so the wireless solution is invaluable. It allows surface workers to stay in touch with those laboring far underground, whether for routine tasks or in case of emergency.

A MURS multi-mile base wireless intercom is another excellent solution for keeping everyone working on a far-flung mine site in touch. It is capable of addressing a wide range of communication devices, ranging from handheld walkie-talkie types to callboxes or other base stations. One of these units could be installed on each level of the facility, as well as at all gates and access points. Special noisy location handsets that are designed to work with these base stations are also available.

The combination of these two proven solutions gives an exceptionally powerful and flexible setup. The superintendent or General Manager can be in touch with anyone at any level, quickly and easily, allowing orders to be given, reports to be received and emergency activities to be rapidly coordinated.

Maximum production is always the goal of any mine installation – but it can never be at the expense of employee safety. The design and specification of a communications system is a key consideration when beginning any sort of mining operations, just as important as assaying the value of the ore found, the transportation in and out of the site, and the many other aspects required before the first shovel of dirt is turned over. A consultation with a communications professional prior to beginning work is strongly advised, and is money well spent in assuring a safe, productive work environment.

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Three Top Benefits of Two-Way Radios in the Mining Industry

Two Way RadioPeople who work in the mining industry face various challenges on a daily basis. One of their top challenges is protecting the safety of every worker involved on a specific site. Fortunately, there are many advances in technology that helps to address some of these areas. One of the best advances is communications between workers, specifically wireless communications systems. With wireless communications systems, the mining industry can benefit from a more sophisticated, efficient and dependable communication systems when they are utilizing two-way radios to communicate. Some of the latest and most recent advances include the commercial digital two-way radio systems. When a company uses these types of systems, the workers can take advantage of many different benefits. Some of the most common benefits of two-way radios are listed below.

– Enhances efficiency and performance – This digital technology enhances every worker’s efficiency and performance because it has a wide range of coverage, extended battery life and crisp audio. Based on the company and the individual’s operational needs, everyone that uses it will have the ability to communicate with one miner or they can communicate information to an entire a group. These communications systems have been designed to make all communication efficient and effective among the work group and to others who are indirectly affected by their daily activities. Everyone who has a role in a certain activity can be reached immediately. They can also respond with the information that is needed.
– Equipment Failure and Recovery – In any operation, equipment failure is a normal part of mining activities. When this occurs, however, it is important that repairs and replacements are made as quickly as possible. By using the two-way radio systems, any miner can contact the areas responsible for the equipment directly and the maintenance workers are able to respond with the necessary repairs and replacements as soon as possible. Once the equipment is up and available again, the person that is in charge can contact the entire group to continue their duties and responsibilities.
– Worker Safety – History has always recorded the mining industry as work that compromises the safety of their workers on a daily basis. Therefore, when there are safety problems in a specific area on a site it is important that all workers are informed and know what is happening as it is occurring.

Two-way radio digital systems are extremely beneficial because they enhance the communication with those who are on the inside and on the outside of a site.

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Industrial Settings Require Industrial-Grade Intercom Systems

MURS Multi MileWhen comparing different kinds of intercom systems, it is important for the individual or the company to purchase a system that will be effective in the home, business as well as other types of facilities and locations. While some intercom systems are not as expensive as others, there are other intercom systems that possess sophisticated features.

The less complex intercom systems will help to provide essential communications in the home. The homeowner may purchase a home intercom system that will cover the communications needed for specific rooms. Instead of choosing four or five rooms to install the intercom system in, some owners may install intercom and communication systems in every room.

There are also different types of home intercom systems and they include the hardwired intercom system, wireless intercom system, automatic gate entry intercom system and the carrier current intercom system. Therefore, when a homeowner chooses a specific type, they should review the advantages and disadvantages of each before making a decision.

Industrial intercom systems are normally in a class of their own, since they are normally exposed to intensive use and hazardous environments. Even though a home intercom system can be used for emergency situations, the industrial intercom system is often used on a regularly basis to protect and save lives. Therefore, industrial intercom system will have to meet much higher standards before they are offered to businesses, manufacturing plants and those who are in the mining industry.

For instance, when a problem occurs inside of a mining area, the workers can be warned via an industrial intercom system before they go they go into the area. When these systems work properly, it can help with saving lives. The intercoms and communication systems that the owners choose must be the best quality equipment available. These intercom systems must also provide clear communication to the audience that it is intended to reach. The most advanced models can include features like a central unit that has up to 60 lines and sometimes more and the capability to conduct conference calls.

With an industrial intercom system, the features included should help with ensuring temperature endurance and spark and dust resistance. Also, the industrial intercom system must include warranties that cover failures, specifically in critical times. This means the industrial intercom systems must be able to adapt to a mining companies needs, refineries and field environments.

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MURS Two Way Radio

MURS Two Way RadioMURS stand for Multi Use Radio System. It consists of five new channels of frequencies that have been assigned for both business as well as personal use. The system is perfect in case you are looking to communicate over a distance ranging in several hundred feet or in case there is a concrete or metal structure blocking the communication signals. The great thing related to MURS two-way radio devices is that all options can communicate with each other and you can mix them as per your will. Another important point to understand here is that these devices are not sold in pairs and thus in order to start communicating; you would need to purchase at least two units.

In the market, you can find two different options in terms of audio quality and features offered in both handhelds and intercoms. The commercial ones cost a little more; however, they have better built quality and are more durable. The battery life is also better when compared to the personal ones. There are options that allow you to control the opening and closing of the gate of your home remotely.

The two-way service consists of five frequencies in the very high frequency or VHF spectrum. A great point to note here is that you do not need a FCC license to use the MURS two-way radios. Each one of the five channels has 38 sub channels or “quiet codes.” This way you would only be hearing the voices from the radios operating on the same channel and sub channel. In addition, the competition in the airways is quite less simply because MURS frequencies are not highly used in most areas.

In case there is no obstruction in the line of communication, you can get a range of around four miles when it comes to MURS two-way radio. In case you wish to add on to the same, you can always install an antenna on the top of the house or building.

The additional options that you can get include

– Hand held two way radios
– Outdoor intercoms/ Callboxes
– Commercial-duty base station
– Motion detectors
– Wireless PA systems also work well with the MURS system.

The MURS system also comes in handy for the retail businesses that serve the customers directly. All you need to do is press a button and the message can be sent to the customer care – a simple and easy way to call for assistance.

The system is easy to install and use and is certainly a great option to consider.

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Is the MURS Multi Mile Industrial Two Way Radio the Best Long Range Radio on the Market?

MURSIn today’s technological age we are forever improving how we do things. We make items smaller and more capable. This is the same with everything from computers to cell phones. How we communicate is forever being improved and changed. This has been accomplished by the use of two way radios. Two way radios are truly a brilliant invention, cheap to run, convenient and reliable.

The use of two way radios can make life easier at both home and at work. They can be used to meet a variety of need. The first use is to stay in contact with one another. The second is to maintain an open line of communication with people such as your employees at work. In such places like retail stores employees use two way radios so that they can keep each other updated on events as well as stay in touch so they can help others find items in the store.

Perhaps the best long range 2 way radio is the MURS multi mile industrial two way radio. This two way radio handset will cost you close to two hundred and fifty dollars. This two way radio uses the MURS frequency which is a radio frequency which does not require an FCC license. The MURS multi mile two way radio is an industry leader and is found in most major companies and businesses.

What makes this the best long range 2 way radio for many are the extra features it has. There are several useful features to this two way radio. There is an LED indicator light which tells you when the radio is transmitting. The radio also has a channel selector which can rotate through 16 VHF channels. Of course there is a volume control found at the top. The radio also utilizes a push to talk feature to makes a call. The first side button opens and closes the gateway which allows for communication to transpire back and forth while the second side button sends a two tone signal which works the monitor=free intercom on the handset. You can also scan for a channel or frequency to use using the second top button.

This handset has everything one needs to utilize the full capacity of two way radio use. You can even connect your handset to a set of speakers making for a public announcement system through your wireless system. All these features make this the best long range 2 way radio on the market for many people – and for a low price too.

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Two-way Radios in a Business Setting

Two Way RadiosThe use of two-way radios in a business setting has been found to be very beneficial for employees and managers. It is an easy way for everyone to communicate should they be out with customers on a car lot or needing an address for a tow pickup or for contacting drivers on the road. Business two way radios have helped companies find new ways to coordinate and communicate when they are on the go. Whether you have a large business or a small one, the use of business two way radios has many great benefits including the improvement of productivity in your company. Without the proper communication in work sites that require it, your productivity drops and can even cause issues with safety and financial loss.

Two way radios are easy to use and offer a variety of data and voice features depending on what your company needs. You can find two way radios that work in very remote areas where a cell phone would not reach, and you can make instant contact with someone without having to use your cell phone’s minutes.

To find a good two way radio, you will want to find one that has a long battery life without having to be charged too often and one that has a good power source that will last your workers all day. You can find radios that are weather-proof, drop-proof, and shockproof to meet up to your expectations in a harsh work environment. Finding one with a good range of reception and clarity is also important. You will want to be sure everyone can communicate clearly. Private lines can be programmed so that each supervisor or manager is on their own channel and employees can reach who they need to at any given time.

You will find two way radios in all types of settings from manufacturing plants to hospitals, grocery stores, and construction sites. It’s a popular and easy way to communicate and keeping touch with everyone in the workplace can be important. Should something go wrong, contact can be made to the right person right away so that the problem can be addressed as soon as possible. Business radios use a different frequency than consumer radios, and with the frequencies used for businesses you will be able to cut out the chatter you might hear if you are using a consumer frequency. If you are looking for the perfect way to communicate with employees in your company, two way radios are a great choice for your business.

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5 Top Two-Way Radios from Intercomsonline

MURS two way radioThis world would not be the same if communication had not made such rapid strides over the years. If all large businesses such as retail stores, hotels, and restaurants are able to offer superior customer service to visiting customers, it’s sometimes due to two way communication systems available today. Thanks to the efforts taken by Intercoms Online, you can have the best two way radios installed to take your business to new heights, and register huge profit margins.

UHF 2 way radios need a special mention. They have come to the rescue of various kinds of businesses, providing excellent communication facilities that were unheard of in the past. No doubt, intercoms have made the job much easier for retail, hospitality and restaurant environments by enabling them to communicate effectively from one extreme corner to the other. But for this highly powerful intercom equipment, things would be in an unenviable position for many businesses, a fact that is well acknowledged by all those who have used products sold through Intercoms Online.

When it comes to UHF 2 way radios, you have a wide selection choice in front of you so that you can pick the right type of system required for your business. Made available at $169.00, the one-channel customer service two way radio offers the perfect solution to a host of businesses comprising of retail stores, service centers, hotels, restaurants, or for that matter any business that serve customers.

In the same fashion, but with little more alacrity, the four-channel customer service two way radio, available at only $199.00, serves as one of the best UHF 2 way radios that can be installed in a simple way to derive brilliant results. If the ultra-compact two way radio (1 channel) is specially designed to suit the needs of retail, hospitality and restaurant environments, the one with four communication channels also offers a wide range of applications.

If there is one product that doesn’t require much introduction, then it can only be the UHF 231 Xtra-touch No-display two way radio that is sold at $199.00. This heavy duty equipment has been manufactured specifically to custom fit military specifications. What sets it apart from the other range of UHF 2 way radios is its easy-to-carry small size.

Another outstanding intercom system is the UHF 450 406-470 MHz two way radio (1 unit) that is put on sale for $329.00. Working on the UHF 406-470 MHz licensed frequencies, these small size, lightweight, two way radios feature gate unlock control and the much-appreciated Emergency Call Feature.

Last, but not the least, is the ultra-compact Bluetooth two way radio (6 channel) that is offered for $369.00, the lightest business-class two way radio available on the market today.

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A Guide to Two-way Radio Range

The transmitting distance of a two way radio set is an important factor to consider when investing in one. The good news is that they can communicate over a multitude of different ranges depending on the type that is bought, so, with a little research, anyone will almost certainly find one that fits his or her needs.

The first thing to understand about two way radio range is that most of the commercially available ones operate on frequencies that travel exclusively in straight lines. This means that one will get different results depending on the area in which it is used. Large, metallic objects will block the radio’s signal, although other things like walls will not affect it. The frequency may also bounce off of things like trees or buildings, so maximum range is greatly influenced by its environment.

Now, assuming that the radios are operating in a wide, open space, the true maximum two-way radio range is calculated by factoring in the curvature of the earth. Because the radio’s signal travels in a straight line and the earth is curved, eventually the radio’s signal will travel off into the horizon, through the atmosphere, and right into space. The point at which this happens depends upon the height of the antenna. Raising the height of the antenna would extend the line of sight and thus the maximum range of the radios. If one could position his antenna on top of a mountain, he would greatly increase his transmitting distance. Of course, few people are capable of doing that.

Power output is another thing that can affect two way radio range. If a radio is not powerful enough, it will cut down on the maximum range determined from the information in the last paragraph. The more power (in watts) a radio has, the farther its transmitting distance. However if the radio is battery powered, those extra watts will run down the charge quickly, so be careful!

The last major factor in two way radio range is frequency. The two most popular frequencies for this application are VHF and UHF with neither being inherently better or worse. VHF has a very low frequency and can thus transmit radio waves over longer distances, however, UHF may be better in more crowded areas because it can pass through metal buildings more easily. With all of these thoughts in mind, it is easier to decide on the technology one needs to use two-way radio.

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Should I Choose UHF or VHF Two-Way Radios?

uhf vs. vhfUHF Ultra High Frequency (300 MHZ and 3000 MHZ) and VHF Very High Frequency (30 MHZ and 300 MHZ) are widely used two different frequencies on same spectrum. Both the frequencies can be used for short distance, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss about how to choose the best frequency. The points to consider before choosing this are coverage, cost, clarity and availability.

UHF at full power and line of sight can range up to 4+ miles, the signals bounce and good for using in a downtown environment, that is the coverage and performance is good in thickly populated areas. Basically short waves are produced and there by this doesn’t require external antenna. They are suitable for operating GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., it requires license which is expensive, the device cost and setting up cost is high. Since it can be accessible for 30 floors vertically, it is recommended for both indoor use and outdoor use. Obviously when used in wireless radio, it consumes more power and reduces battery life.

VHF at full power and line of sight can range between 270000 sq ft and 300000 sq ft, and is suitable for operating FM radio, two-way radios, walkies, cordless, house hold gadgets etc. It is not restricted by any types of license to operate for personal use, but for business operation it requires license. This frequency hates obstacles but bends to Earth’s curvature so will not be suitable for indoor use, but good for outdoor use. Setting up an external antenna will boost performance and quality. Radios using this frequency consume less power thereby increasing battery life, the setup cost is low and device cost is also comparatively low.

In brief, UHF is expensive but good, VHF is cheap but it lacks few features of UHF. This is a simple formula to decide by – Higher Frequency = Better Quality, Less Range, and Lower Frequency = Lower Quality, More Range. Based on these descriptions the user can choose whatever is suitable for them.

If you are a new user thinking “should I choose UHF or VHF two-way radios?”, and who doesn’t have much awareness of frequencies, it is recommended to use radios that come bundled with both the frequencies, so that you can choose as per your liking. Always look for trial pack operation and try to use both the frequencies thoroughly before you decide and purchase.

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