Communicate Effectively through High Performance MURS Wireless Intercom Devices

MURSMURS or Multi-Use Radio Service is a short-range communication service created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The spectrum range for MURS is 151-154MHz. and no license is required to operate a MURS device. Some of the bestselling MURS wireless intercom devices include the Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom System, Two-way Handheld Radio, Basic Commercial Callbox, and Xtra-Tough Submersible Radios.

Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom

A Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom device provides long range communication up to five miles and it is perfect for both home users and small businesses. It is a portable device that can be easily installed and it features a transformer powered base station unit, removable antenna, turn-on lock capability, earphone jack, multiple call tones, and a high performance power supply unit. It is extremely compact and is ideal for short distance communications.

Two-Way Handheld Radio

A Two-Way Handheld Radio works well with all the major base station products and it is perfect for both small scale industries and oil rigs. Backlit LCD, multiple monitor buttons, and the capability to add additional intercom systems are some of the striking features of this device.

Xtra-Tough Submersible Radio

The Xtra-Tough Submersible Radio is an industry grade communication device designed for heavy duty usage. It is rugged, water resistant, and works well under tough environmental conditions. It complies well with the IP57 communication standard and works efficiently in both land and water. It can be easily programmed to operate in the VHF frequency range and comes with radio units, charging station, external antenna, and a rechargeable battery. Manual squelch adjustment, programmable LEDs, voice inverse encryption, DTMF speed dial, BTLO functions, radio-to-radio cloning, priority scan, and 700mW loud audio output are some of the attractive features of this device.

Murs Basic Commercial Callbox

The MURS Basic Commercial Callbox has a maximum range of one mile and it is great for short range two-way communications. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and no extensive wiring or a dedicated telephone line is required. Weather-resistant housing, power fail alerts, adjustable microphone gains, integrated RF design, standby mode, push-to-talk functionality, busy channel lockout, and long battery life are some of the best features of the device. The MURS Basic Commercial Callbox is affordably priced and ideal for residential buildings, educational institutions, and golf clubs.

These MURS wireless intercom devices does a good job of simplifying communication problems and has become an indispensable part of any small scale industry. Check out these innovative MURS wireless intercom devices and quickly see improvements in your business.

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Wireless Technology for the Offshore Industry

MURS Outdoor IntercomThe giant strides with which wireless technology has been moving ahead in recent times has proved to be a boon to the communications sector, with a series of industries benefiting in a big way. If there is one area where wireless technology has come to create a revolution, it must well be the offshore industry, where the applications are gaining rapid momentum. With the availability of excellent standards and expansion opportunities, wireless technology has been certainly finding favor with several companies engaged in offshore activities. Wireless intercoms have come to provide the right kind of workable solution to a host of firms, which were otherwise finding it hard to taken on various offshore challenges. Here, Intercoms Online comes to play a crucial role by making available a long list of wireless intercoms that are best suited for offshore industrial activities.

From the industrial grade KS 1002 MURS Industrial Two-way Radio, which has come to rank as the ideal commercial unit for heavy duty utility, to the longest range MURS Multi-Mile Wireless Outdoor Intercom, there are umpteen wireless products that one can choose from the site. There may be many sources that sell wireless intercoms, but the specialty with the equipment sold by Intercoms Online is that you can be free from all kinds of confusion because what you get is the best in business that will fetch more value than your actual investment. Some of the most popular wireless outdoor products on sale include the UWS WireFree 900 MHz outdoor wireless intercom, the MURS basic commercial callbox, the RoveTec Infinite-range Wireless Cellular Network Intercom, and the UHF 456 450-470 MHz callbox XT outdoor intercom,.

At Intercoms Online, what you get is not only the best, but also the latest in wireless technology. That is why the products from here help you to successfully take on any kind of challenge posed by the environment. Nowhere else you can find such an extensive range of wireless equipment. Needless to say, what you’re making is a very useful investment when you order your requirements here because they serve beyond what they are actually meant for. So if you’re looking for wireless systems that are best suited to effectively take on offshore challenges, visit Intercoms Online.

Offering the best wireless solutions for an offshore environment, wireless products available at Intercoms Online are arguably the market leaders when it comes to devices that can handle the difficult task of working in offshore conditions.

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MURS Two Way Radio

MURS Two Way RadioMURS stand for Multi Use Radio System. It consists of five new channels of frequencies that have been assigned for both business as well as personal use. The system is perfect in case you are looking to communicate over a distance ranging in several hundred feet or in case there is a concrete or metal structure blocking the communication signals. The great thing related to MURS two-way radio devices is that all options can communicate with each other and you can mix them as per your will. Another important point to understand here is that these devices are not sold in pairs and thus in order to start communicating; you would need to purchase at least two units.

In the market, you can find two different options in terms of audio quality and features offered in both handhelds and intercoms. The commercial ones cost a little more; however, they have better built quality and are more durable. The battery life is also better when compared to the personal ones. There are options that allow you to control the opening and closing of the gate of your home remotely.

The two-way service consists of five frequencies in the very high frequency or VHF spectrum. A great point to note here is that you do not need a FCC license to use the MURS two-way radios. Each one of the five channels has 38 sub channels or “quiet codes.” This way you would only be hearing the voices from the radios operating on the same channel and sub channel. In addition, the competition in the airways is quite less simply because MURS frequencies are not highly used in most areas.

In case there is no obstruction in the line of communication, you can get a range of around four miles when it comes to MURS two-way radio. In case you wish to add on to the same, you can always install an antenna on the top of the house or building.

The additional options that you can get include

– Hand held two way radios
– Outdoor intercoms/ Callboxes
– Commercial-duty base station
– Motion detectors
– Wireless PA systems also work well with the MURS system.

The MURS system also comes in handy for the retail businesses that serve the customers directly. All you need to do is press a button and the message can be sent to the customer care – a simple and easy way to call for assistance.

The system is easy to install and use and is certainly a great option to consider.

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Great Intercom Choices for Office Safety

RoveTec intercomsInstalling a wireless office intercom system is beneficial in many ways because it provides the fastest communication between two parties. Wireless systems are much easier and neater to install than wired systems as there are no messy cables to worry about. The range of an intercom can go from feet to miles, depending on which product is chosen and what frequency the system uses. It is possible to get a product that runs on VHF, UHF, 900MHz or MURS frequencies. Each product and its frequency vary widely depending on what is selected.

There are a variety of good choices for commercial systems. A MURS commercial wireless intercom is a popular choice. This product has a possible range of up to two miles and includes brackets so that it can be mounted on a wall or desktop, whichever happens to be a better solution for the buyer. The wall adapter for power is backed up by battery-power to ensure that the system is always ready regardless of power outages caused by severe weather outbreaks. The $345 price on for this unit is also very attractive to commercial customers.

Another good product for the office is the RoveTec MURS multi-mile wireless outdoor intercom. There are many great features to this product. This system is weather resistant and vandal resistant and it allows sound to be enabled at the intercom location so that suspicious activity can be monitored. Gates can be locked or unlocked remotely using the system and the range is up to a couple of miles. This easy-to-install system is perfect for commercial needs such as loading docks, remote office entries, storage facilities, etc. The price for this intercom is very reasonable and is currently on sale at at less than $700.

A high-end system for large companies is also available. One option is the multi-room wireless intercom system. This system is expensive; yet it covers multiple rooms and is a perfect choice for schools, large offices, campuses, and manufacturing plants. Essentially any large company that has a need for several areas to be contacted is the perfect match for this product.

Regardless of which wireless office intercom system is chosen, there are many features and upgrades to make the system perfect for each consumer. External microphones can be added and speakers can be added outdoors to make it easier to hear announcements. Easy installation is the selling point to using a wireless system – the system will be ready to use very quickly.

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UHF and MURS Wireless Intercoms

WirelessWhen it comes to the wireless equipment, there are now two main types of equipment available based on the frequency levels at which they operate. These two frequencies are the UHF and the MURS frequencies. Both the frequencies have their own set of pros and cons.

Wireless intercoms that operate using UHF have the ability to effectively penetrate land barriers that come in between the signals such as multi story buildings, compound walls and ceilings.  UHF wireless systems have the capability to work with existing UHF radio transmitters. There is no need to set up a new transmitter infrastructure.  These wireless intercoms have the capability to travel longer distances than the other form of wireless intercoms.

One of the main disadvantages in using a wireless intercom in the UHF frequency is overcrowding. A lot of members have already subscribed for this frequency and hence the traffic density is heavy.  Another disadvantage of using UHF wireless intercom is that it requires an original license to be operated. This adds to the cost of acquiring the device.

When compared to UHF-based intercoms, MURS-based systems are still fewer in numbers.  This is both in terms of how many people are using the systems, and how many different MURS systems are out there on the market.  However, this is rapidly changing as MURS, in the scheme of things, is relatively new, but should ultimately be cheaper for manufacturers and the end user.  This type of intercom doesn’t require a license. So the cost of acquiring the MURS based system is comparatively less than UHF systems.

On the negative, the power used in MURS intercoms is limited to 2 watts.  It has lower building and wall penetration capability when compared to a UHF device. It would not be able to penetrate barriers such as metal walls without the usage of external antennae.   With the help of an external antenna, MURS wireless telecom does have the capability to break barriers such as steel and metal walls. These external antennae would be come in handy in an outdoor environment where there are a larger number of skyscrapers in the vicinity.

For most small businesses, MURS systems will be cheaper to purchase, and simpler to setup.  They will probably not need the extra power the UHF brings, and if they purchase from a reputable seller they will be able to test in place, exchanging for a UHF system if needs be.

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Retail and Industrial Applications of 2 Way Mobile Radios

RadiosMankind has come a long way from sending smoke signals and banging two rocks together to get someone’s attention. The way we communicate with one another has become ever increasingly more advanced as time moves on. This application of exciting technology is used just about everywhere in the world.

From the home to the office and even other places of business, 2 way mobile radios are being used constantly. In retail outlets these radios are used to communicate across the store without having to shout. These way employees can help customers better by radioing where an item is located in the store instead of walking the customer all over either looking for the item or finding someone who knows where it is. The same is done for industrial complexes where workers are at one end of a building and need to be in touch with people on the opposite side in the flick of a switch.

The technology has become so commonplace and affordable that the use of 2 way radios has even been incorporated into some cell phones to create hybrid devices. One can now communicate with their cell phone from a 2 way radio similar to the way one would do so directly with a 2 way radio. It is even cheaper than using your cell phone to call someone.

Two way mobile radios have become smaller and more compact. They can fit in holders which slip around your belt or even clip to your belt or collar. They are lightweight and durable. They are made to take a beating if dropped, or even left somewhere out in the open. Most common handheld radio sets will run you just under three hundred dollars even though they can go as high as a thousand dollars for an impressive multifunctional set.  Any business that has employees spread out over a vast distance needs to consider using this equipment as standard work equipment.

There are of course other forms and uses for 2 way mobile radios – their applications seem to be unending. They are becoming common in homes and have been used to tie into electronic gates and even intercom systems. The technology and uses of mobile radios has come a long way and will only continue to improve as time goes on.  It is still in these retail and industrial environments that they really shine; a perfect example of good technology working well.

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The MURS Multi-Mile Long-Range Wireless Outdoor Intercom

MURS outdoor intercomHow much of the hype is justified for the MURS Multi-Mile Long-Range Wireless Outdoor Intercom? All of it. This wireless system is considered the Mercedes of intercoms and its sturdy exterior will truly attest to that high praise. The wall unit is housed in a steel shell that will not stain, rust or break under nearly any condition. It is a level of manufacturing that is unprecedented in the world of intercom communications.

However, while this feature is undoubtedly a hallmark of its superior quality, it is the MURS Multi Mile intercom’s main selling point that truly sets it apart from the competition: the distance from which it can operate. Many wireless intercom systems operate under the guideline of how many yards or feet the system can remain functional. However this system is measured in miles. This unique feature makes the MURS Multi-Mile intercom an attractive option for those establishment owners requiring consistent and reliable wireless intercom service on a large property.

Now, looking into the practical realities of a system this advanced, the average consumer may feel daunted at the potential need for expensive or complicated installation, followed by troublesome maintenance. However, the MURS Multi-Mile intercom has been designed with simplicity in mind – the unit mounts incredibly easily to any surface using the mounting holes provided.

Then one must surely ponder how a system like this could be powered? Unsurprisingly, this advanced system offers a range of options for powering, including a simple AC to DC converter, and even a solar powered generator. Perhaps the most attractive option, however, is the ability to connect the system to the gate opener of an establishment’s entrance, with this unique hookup, the person holding the wireless device will be able to remotely unlock the gate to grant entry from (up to) miles away. This is an extremely attractive add-on feature that frequently costs the user hundreds more in additional setup costs.

Alongside being virtually hassle-free to install and maintain, this system eases you further into its world by operating within the 5 channels of the unlicensed MURS service. What this effectively means is that there is no license required to use this powerful system and the user will be able to enjoy the benefits of it within an hour of delivery.

With many intercom systems in the upper tiers requiring somewhat advanced installation processes and
potentially insufficient range, it is truly a game-changing piece of technology that will revolutionize any business or establishment from the ground up.

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