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Intercom System Used As Elderly Emergency Call Button

When an elderly or disabled person lives in the same house as their caregiver, there needs to be a way that person can call the caregiver in the event of an emergency.

An elderly or disabled person needs to be able to summon help at any time whether he or she is in the bedroom, bathroom, or outside.

The solution many people go with is a wireless intercom system. Wireless intercoms can easily be placed throughout the house in key areas to ensure caregivers can be reached when needed. A particularly good choice for this application is the WireFree Wireless 900MHz Doorbell and Intercom.

Wireless Doorbell IntercomThese battery powered intercoms are portable and have a battery life of up to 12 months. They have a range a few hundred feet and you can use as many of them as you want. Plus they provide digital security so other people can’t listen in to your conversations.

When someone presses Call button on the WireFree Wireless Doorbell and Intercom (the white unit), they will hear a two-tone doorbell tone. A couple of seconds later, all the WireFree Portable intercoms inside the house will sound a similar doorbell tone.

You respond by pressing the Talk button on a WireFree Portable (black unit) and saying “Hello” or some other verbal response. The person on the doorbell unit will then be able to talk for up to 40 seconds without pressing their button again. However, you will be required to press the Talk button on the WireFree Portable each time you want to talk to them.

After approximately 40 seconds the microphone on the WireFree Wireless Doorbell will turn off and you will not hear anything until the button is pressed again.

Unlike our black WireFree Outdoor 900MHz Intercom (Set of 2), you cannot make a call to the Wireless Doorbell. Someone must press its Call button before pressing the Talk button on an indoor intercom will work. The black WireFree Outdoor Intercom does not have the handsfree, speakerphone-type conversation that the Wireless Doorbell has.

You can add as many WireFree Portable intercoms inside your house as you want and they will all receive the doorbell chime. Whatever unit responds to the chime will set up a secure channel with the doorbell unit, unless you have all your units set up in Conference mode. Then everyone can hear.

Call IntercomsOnline.com and ask to speak with a product expert to find the system for you.

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