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Front Door Intercoms Provide an Additional Layer of Security

Front Door Intercom SystemsThe need for electronic security has significantly increased in recent years due to the growing number of crimes. There was a time many years ago when individuals could leave their homes unsecured and their garage doors unlocked. But this trend began gradually changing over the years as more home burglaries and intruder break-ins started being reported. The most amazing thing about many of these crimes is that the intruders are breaking in when the owners are at home. In order to address this growing issue, many people have started installing security alarm systems and front door intercoms.

Residential Intercom Security

Having an intercom system provides individuals an opportunity to identify all visitors before letting them in. This type of system is strongly recommended for elderly people and individuals who live alone. Since so many criminals today are dressing up as utility repairman or cable installers to enter homes, having an intercom system is a convenient and safe way for the owner to demand to see some form of identification.

On a lighter note, an intercom system at the front door will also provide residents an easier way to identify and say “no” to door-to-door solicitors.

One of the most popular intercom systems used by homeowners today is the Rove Tec Infinite Range Wireless Cell Phone Intercom System. A large number of homeowners like to use this system because it provides them the ability to unlock their front door for visitors even when they are not at home, and the systems also notifies them of all incoming visitors via their cell or land line phone. The cost for this type of system is typically in the seven hundred to nine hundred dollar price range. The installation instructions are very easy to follow so no technician or electrician is needed.

Commercial Intercom Security

In addition to residential homes, front door intercoms are also frequently used today at warehouse facilities, government office buildings, and commercial office parks. Just as there has been an increase in residential crimes, there has also been an increase over the past few years in office building and warehouse break-ins. Since many of these crimes are being committed in the daytime during working hours, many business and warehouse owners have started installing intercom systems at their front doors. This provides an extra layer of security for their property and also for their employees as well. Now instead of visitors just walking into a warehouse or building, a receptionist or guard can identify them first before letting them in.

Having an intercom system installed at the front door is highly recommended for any type of business that has a strong steady flow of daily traffic and also a lot of daily deliveries. This would include shipping and receiving warehouses, law firms and doctor offices.

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Advanced Communication Technology in the Mining Industry

Two Way RadioThere are many difficult and dangerous businesses and industries that help support our civilization, none more fraught with peril than mining. Every year, thousands of workers put their lives on the line to find and recover the basic materials that keep the wheels of industry turning. The key to their safety and to continued high levels of production is communication.

Two way communication technology for the mining industry has come a long way over the past decades, and is today both powerful and reliable. The environment for this work is typically outdoors or underground, two locations that are traditionally tough on equipment.

One excellent solution for this communications problem is an outdoor wireless intercom system, one that is particularly designed and built to withstand environmental extremes while still delivering high quality audio. The nature of the terrain involves often precludes the installation of cables or other infrastructure, so the wireless solution is invaluable. It allows surface workers to stay in touch with those laboring far underground, whether for routine tasks or in case of emergency.

A MURS multi-mile base wireless intercom is another excellent solution for keeping everyone working on a far-flung mine site in touch. It is capable of addressing a wide range of communication devices, ranging from handheld walkie-talkie types to callboxes or other base stations. One of these units could be installed on each level of the facility, as well as at all gates and access points. Special noisy location handsets that are designed to work with these base stations are also available.

The combination of these two proven solutions gives an exceptionally powerful and flexible setup. The superintendent or General Manager can be in touch with anyone at any level, quickly and easily, allowing orders to be given, reports to be received and emergency activities to be rapidly coordinated.

Maximum production is always the goal of any mine installation – but it can never be at the expense of employee safety. The design and specification of a communications system is a key consideration when beginning any sort of mining operations, just as important as assaying the value of the ore found, the transportation in and out of the site, and the many other aspects required before the first shovel of dirt is turned over. A consultation with a communications professional prior to beginning work is strongly advised, and is money well spent in assuring a safe, productive work environment.

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