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Practical Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless IntercomsThe intercom industry has stayed very solid over the years. In part this is due to the consistent need for home security and apartment efficiency, however it should also be noted that the intercom world has moved with the times and incorporated certain forms of technology into the products available. One such piece of technology is video intercom – this adds another layer of security that is invaluable, particularly for the elderly or other groups at risk. However, one of the most convenient pieces of technology to infiltrate the world of intercoms is wireless. Wireless is used from everything from gaming controllers to kettles – the elimination of wires is making the lives of the consumer much cleaner and simpler.

However, some may argue that not all wireless technology is completely useful – after all, some forms of this technology offer minor convenience more than anything. Wireless intercom systems really utilize the practicality of wireless by not forcing the homeowner to lay cables and make connections throughout their house. This can be challenging for a number of reasons and it takes a skilled person to know how to discretely hide wires running through a home. Wireless technology is at a point now where the signal is strong, reliable and best of all – portable. If the homeowner wishes to move the receiver to a different room of the house, this can be done very easily.

Choosing which wireless intercom system can seem daunting if one has never purchased intercom products before. However, just like any industry, there are trusted brands and trusted products that can be easily found online. For those looking for a door intercom system wireless, there are many options available – from a steel housed outdoor station for to endure all-weather conditions, to a simple 1-to-1 system that can be installed in minutes. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the homeowner with a house too big to always be close to the door, or the grandma needing a little bit more security than a peephole.

Choosing the right intercom requires a little bit of research but there is a lot of variety on the market and a lot of solid, reliable products. Choosing a door intercom system wireless is a good choice for just about anybody – utilizing the power of wireless in this format will do wonders for cleaning up those messy wires laid all throughout the house and allow a certain degree of efficiency.

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Where Can Homeowners Find Reliable Intercom Products?

Door IntercomFor those who are looking for a new and more reliable wireless intercom system, inputting the words ‘door intercom system wireless’ in your search engine will give you a full page of the latest intercom deals.

Due to the increasing number of crimes being reported in residential communities, many homeowners today are purchasing wireless intercom systems in their homes to protect themselves and their family. Just like the owner of a business, most homeowners also like to shop around and compare brands and prices. In most cases they are looking for an intercom that cost between five hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. One of the companies currently offering wireless intercom systems in this price range is Intercoms Online. This store offers a very wide range of intercom systems that are designed for a variety of needs and price ranges. Along with wireless systems, the store also offers wired systems as well.

Some of the most popular wireless intercom products today includes the UHF Security Door Intercom System and the Rove Tec Infinite Range Wireless Cell Phone Intercom System. In terms of product features, the UHF system provides customers the ability to be notified immediately of any incoming visitors, and also the ability to install the system at any entry point. Some of the product features included in the Rove Tec Infinite intercom system includes the ability to be notified of visitors through a landline or cell phone, and also having the ability to unlock the front door from another location.

In terms of price, most UHF intercom models generally cost under six hundred dollars, while most Rove Tec intercom systems are in the eight hundred to nine hundred dollar range. Both of these systems work well in most homes, and they both have a track record for being reliable.

Along with homeowners, small business owners will also be able to find some great deals at the Intercoms Online store. This includes those who are looking for a new intercom system for a retail store, and those who are looking for a gate intercom system for an insurance company or courier business. Some of the intercom systems that are recommended for commercial business use include the Backlit Cellular Intercom System and the MURS Call Box VT Intercom System. Both of these systems are highly reliable and cost under fifteen hundred dollars.

Finding the right intercom system is very easy, and only requires putting in simple words like ‘door intercom system wireless’ in a search engine to find the best deals.

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Wireless Intercom Systems for Industry and Service Sectors

MURS Two Way RadioAt many major hotels and convention centers today, high tech intercoms and communication systems are being installed in order to provide better communication options for employees and also during events.

Due to increased security requirements, many major hotels are now using internal intercoms and communication systems so internal security staff will always be in constant communication with each other. This includes being able to communicate about potential hotel threats and also being able to communicate with other agents that back up security may be needed. Because so many of these hotels are over twenty thousand feet in size, without these types of internal communication measures, it would be pretty hard for hotel security staff to effectively communicate. In order to reduce the chance of a communication system shutting down due to wiring problems, most intercom systems installed at many hotels today are wireless. These wireless systems have really helped to reduce wiring costs, and also the number of communication blackouts. In addition, many hotels have also switched over to wireless intercom systems, because it helps them to easier communicate with their customers.

In addition to the hotel industry, there are also a lot of major convention centers that are also installing wireless intercom systems as well. Just like many hotels today, many convention centers have also switched over to intercom systems due to the need for increased security measures. Depending upon the size of the convention center, there may be up to twenty five internal intercom systems installed.

From a safety perspective, these new intercom systems have made it much easier to communicate with convention attendees, in case there is a fire or other potential threat. For example, when there is a convention going on that has attracted over five thousand people, it takes a very strong and reliable intercom system to communicate with guests. In the case of a potential threat, the warning message to event attendees needs to be communicated loudly, quickly and efficiently. In addition to internal intercom systems, many convention centers today are also installing intercom gate systems and call boxes at their front doors. These devices have been very useful for front door security agents, who sometimes have to communicate quickly with security teams inside. In addition, many of these outdoor intercom systems are also designed to be heard in parking decks and outside parking lots.

Along with convention centers and hotels, other businesses that use wireless intercom systems frequently include major airports, hospitals, and petroleum chemical plants.

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Wireless Intercoms

Wireless IntercomsWireless intercoms are telecommunication devices which enable a vast system of voice communication without the excessive wiring that would otherwise be required to connect intercom to intercom. These systems can incorporate a wide range of communication devices for amplification through walkie talkie systems, telephones and public address loudspeaker systems, while many modern intercoms available on include a wide-ranging functionality that can connect with similar makes and models.

A wireless entry intercom system offers its own traditional ‘inter-communicational’ extension through any household or building, designed to rally the office troops for an important meeting or simply to announce dinner time for the entire family regardless of where the group has scattered within the residence.

Wireless intercoms often communicative through widely available radio waves without the need of their own communication lines, picking up the slack of competing headset and mobile phone devices whose own mobility is often a hindrance, causing people to lose them or misplace them before the crucial communication.

These intercoms do not require the automation or memorization of phone numbers in order to communicate throughout their network, and can be programmed with a single number or button command allotted to every room of the house, relying on a closed-off communications service by augmenting the functionality of a building’s primary phone line.

This wireless technology can also communicate with outdoor intercoms, doorbell intercoms and a host of flexible and innovative communication devices compatible with every nook and cranny of the building or home.

A Widespread Solution

Intercoms are still some of the only devices capable of broadcasting through speaker channels, and the technology has expanded throughout the communications market to stay relevant in the age of headsets and smartphones, benefiting from the ease of their systems and the reliability of a widespread connection that is not as reliant on battery life as most mobile devices.

A wireless entry intercom is often compatible with a household’s standard phone, and does not necessarily fall into the proprietary traps of brand name intercoms connecting with brand name phones, forcing consumers to purchase a series of officiated features before being able to use the intercom service. Many modern devices harness a helpful ‘plug & play’ feature, allowing intercoms a versatility and mobility previously unassociated with bygone apartment intercom systems designed with handfuls of wiring and complicated set-ups.

A wireless intercom system of today is even capable of utilizing an encryption feature for those who might be worried about the security of a wireless system. Intercom technology is gradually catching up with the functionality of modern phones, allowing for a series of features compatible with extension lines, extra household or building phones, and secure user ID systems that allow for distinctions between the features available for the primary owner and those readily available to secondary users.

Customers will the relevant communication needs will find a wide variety of wireless intercoms to satisfy their setup.

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Home Intercoms offer Remote Workers Increased Security

The way that businesses are operating and their employees are working is changing rapidly. There is no reason to have all of the employees under one roof. Instead, businesses are able to lower their costs and increase their productivity by allowing their employees to work in remote locations. While this will allow the business to work more efficiently, it does present new problems that have to be considered. One of those problems is employee security. It is important for businesses that employ people in remote locations to make sure that they are safe.

When employees work in remote locations they are either by themselves, or there are only a small number of coworkers around them. There are many things that can happen to employees in these locations. Because of the small number of people in these locations, it is much harder to get the right response to an emergency. One way that remote workers can increase the amount of security that they have is through the use of home intercom systems. Home intercoms offer remote workers security and provide an option that is both effective and cost efficient.

The home intercom systems that are being sold today are very different from what was being used even just a few years ago. They are well built and reliable. One of the biggest benefits of these systems is that they are wireless. This means they can be put anywhere the remote worker needs them. It does not require any time or any special training to put these systems in place and get them up and running. This makes it ideal for a remote location where employees often have to do things that they may not be trained in.

The home intercoms offer remote workers security through voice controls or through traditional keypad controls. This allows the remote worker to get help they need in the event of an emergency, even when they are not able to physically reach the intercom. They can be used to alert other people in the area to a problem, or they can be used when an employee is incapacitated in some way to get the help that is needed.

Whether a business has all of their employees under one roof or if they are taking advantage of the technology available to allow people to work remotely, the need for communication is still very important. People need to be able to communicate with others no matter where they are. In an emergency, time is the most important asset that people can have, and that is what these home intercom systems provide.

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Spreading the Message at the Shipyard

Two Way RadiosWorkers in the Crane/Shipyards industry need to collaborate, and to do so they need the support of efficient communications equipment. Intercoms can be wired or wireless and each type has its advantages.

Rather than spending excessive time pondering over wired intercom units or wireless types you might concern yourself more with the grade. Grades for intercoms are industrial grade, commercial grade, or, marine grade, and, if you are working in the crane/shipyards industry you want to equip your operation with an industrial grade intercom network. These intercoms offer a long range (up to two miles in some instances), weather proofing, are vandalism safe, and are easy to install. Whereas some intercom systems can only reach distances that can be measured in feet, others such as the industrial grade intercoms will reach distances from one to two miles. Buying an intercom that has extra range lets you tackle larger operations as they present themselves and prevent future problems.

In a shipyard there are massive exchanges of merchandise passing through, and communication between destinations is crucial so that items don’t become lost in transit or misplaced. Cranes and their drivers who operate them are used to carry items from location to location. The boss should have continual access to each crane operator to prevent any mistakes and boost the speed of the whole operation.

Intercoms that are free of background noise are mandatory; cheaply-made intercoms that don’t possess the means to cut out background noise will not meet the grade. Wireless intercoms of a high industrial grade with hands-free operation are the best suited for work in a Crane/Shipyards environment. Many good quality intercoms have a hands-free mode as an option. Low background noise is one of the benefits, with rapid data transfer and the use of an intercom base station with several handsets handed out to each worker on the field.

It is important to know how many dollars are at stake on a shipyard. Long hours, heavy workloads and even the weather go into the picture of the operating costs. Intercoms that can endure Mother Nature, reduce background noise, and reach all workers will save many thousands of dollars and are worth the investment. As you add handsets you will not be paying as much per unit as you do for the base unit. Finally, you can provide power to popular long range wireless intercom units in one of many ways, via a 9-13 Volt DC possessing at least one amp, via a solar power system or by use of a 12-VDC, AC to DC, outdoor intercom power supply adaptor.

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Wireless Intercom System Use in Power Plants

The use of intercoms makes life easier. This has been proven in their ever-increasing application – not just our private home uses but also in their application in the workplace. They have enabled businesses to inform their customers of sales and store updates through PA systems as well as help employees stay in contact with one another over vast distances.

Intercoms are not only used in the office and retail department stores, no, they have also become very prominent in the daily activities of important infrastructure like power plants.

Headsets have come in very handy in power plants of all types, from nuclear plants to hydro electric plants and even oil rigs out in the middle of the ocean. These plants use headsets and intercoms for various forms of communication and to stay in touch during specific operations. They are used to communicate between engineers during refueling maintenance operations or other hazardous jobs which help reduce the risk of injury or accidents. In the past many accidents have been the result of miscommunication. Even recently NEI and UTC have asked for a waiver of part 74 of the wireless free use act so that these headsets and intercoms can operate outside of the MURS frequency just for these sorts of hazardous occasions.

The use of wireless intercoms in power plants can be extremely beneficial. Its cuts down the amount of wires and cables which need to be run and installed all throughout the complex. Also, when one intercom breaks down, it makes replacing it easier for maintenance to install a new one. In places such as these, constant supervision and communication is essential in the case of an emergency or extreme circumstance.

The installation of wireless systems also cut down costs while still maintaining a top quality of safety in these work environments. When you are out at sea on a hydro plant or down in the cooling chamber of a nuclear plant you are going to want to have a constant clear communiqué with the rest of the world, or your fellow employees who can help you if something goes wrong. Saving money is always good for any business but it is even better when you can save that money and lives as well. This is why wireless intercoms and headsets are vital in power plants of all types.

As stated earlier special consideration is being requested for the use of wireless systems in these plants and if that happens, wireless systems and intercoms should be more abundant in the future.

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Special Considerations for Industrial Intercoms

Intercoms and paging systems are standard features of most modern industrial settings. Power plants present several unique challenges to any communications system; the wrong type of intercom may be almost completely ineffective, costing the business thousands of dollars and increasing the risk of workplace accidents and mistakes that could have been prevented with clear intercom communication.

Any intercom system intended for use in a power plant must be able to provide crisp, clear, reliable audio in an area with a very high risk of potential electromagnetic interference (EMI). Systems that are unable to compensate for this interference are characterized by garbled, often unintelligible transmissions riddled with screeching feedback sounds, static background noises and dropped words or syllables. Industrial intercoms should be able to quickly and accurately compress vocal sounds, which improves sound quality; the most useful models also feature rapid data processing and may be used as a type of self-contained phone system that will remain operational even if the power source connected to the building’s lighting, phones and computers is compromised or damaged. Most of these models have two power connections: one to the building’s main power line and another to a backup source to prevent service interruption.

Industrial intercoms can be quite expensive, and many companies soon find that they also must pay an electrician to install everything; this significantly increases the overall cost of the system. The ideal industrial intercom has a simple, straightforward setup process that can be accomplished quickly and without hiring a master electrician to do the job. Other desirable features that often reduce the intercom’s cost include non-polarity cable connections and the ability to “plug ‘n’ play” directly out of the packaging.

It’s very important to read the technical specifications before purchasing an intercom system for power plants. One of the most crucial aspects of this is the maximum number of phone stations the intercom can accommodate. Most manufacturers give two figures here: the standard number of stations, and the absolute maximum. Whenever possible, it’s prudent to install a system that offers some flexibility in this area; otherwise the entire intercom will need to be replaced if more stations are added in the future.

An intercom must also be compatible with the surrounding environmental conditions, particularly if all or part of the system is installed outdoors. To avoid costly and time consuming troubleshooting and major repairs, check the system specifications, paying extra attention to the temperature and moisture guidelines recommended by the manufacturer.

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Reducing Paper Costs in your Business

Wireless IntercomEveryday more and more of the rainforest and other large areas of wilderness are being chopped down. We do this specifically for one main reason, the manufacturing of paper. The pulp/paper industry is a huge business and more and more rolls of paper are manufactured every day. If we could just learn to cut down on our use of paper materials for simple things we could be better off. This means talking and communicating through other means of conveyance than a simple memo in an office.

It is estimated that an average sized office building prints a few million memos every year. Imagine if you had another means for communicating to your staff over large distances. This is the beauty of an intercom system in the workplace. An intercom can revolutionize the way businesses delegate information to their staff. The ability to reach many employees at once without the use of paper can even cut down costs in paper; ink and even the need to have someone take the time to deliver all the memos in the office. This decreases the need for paper in the workplace. No more faxes coming in from a distance when you can pick up a phone and call someone or pick up a phone and summon someone to your office.

When a business needs to cut costs the first thing they do is look at who they are employing and how much they are being paid. The most paid employees are terminated first, usually with no regards to how well they perform their job. By dropping the need for paper you can save your business a large amount of money and in turn also save jobs. It becomes beneficial for everyone and this is done with the simple use of an intercom system and by using a more direct route of communication.

Some of the best intercoms are wireless. This makes installing an intercom system in your office easier than installing an internal system. It cuts down the amount of wires which need to be run throughout your building. Also when a speaker or handset breaks down you can simply replace it if it cannot be fixed through conventional means without needing a whole new system. An intercom can change your business on so many levels, even if your business is the pulp/paper industry itself. Look into an intercom as a means to reducing costs in your business.

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MURS Two Way Radio

MURS Two Way RadioMURS stand for Multi Use Radio System. It consists of five new channels of frequencies that have been assigned for both business as well as personal use. The system is perfect in case you are looking to communicate over a distance ranging in several hundred feet or in case there is a concrete or metal structure blocking the communication signals. The great thing related to MURS two-way radio devices is that all options can communicate with each other and you can mix them as per your will. Another important point to understand here is that these devices are not sold in pairs and thus in order to start communicating; you would need to purchase at least two units.

In the market, you can find two different options in terms of audio quality and features offered in both handhelds and intercoms. The commercial ones cost a little more; however, they have better built quality and are more durable. The battery life is also better when compared to the personal ones. There are options that allow you to control the opening and closing of the gate of your home remotely.

The two-way service consists of five frequencies in the very high frequency or VHF spectrum. A great point to note here is that you do not need a FCC license to use the MURS two-way radios. Each one of the five channels has 38 sub channels or “quiet codes.” This way you would only be hearing the voices from the radios operating on the same channel and sub channel. In addition, the competition in the airways is quite less simply because MURS frequencies are not highly used in most areas.

In case there is no obstruction in the line of communication, you can get a range of around four miles when it comes to MURS two-way radio. In case you wish to add on to the same, you can always install an antenna on the top of the house or building.

The additional options that you can get include

– Hand held two way radios
– Outdoor intercoms/ Callboxes
– Commercial-duty base station
– Motion detectors
– Wireless PA systems also work well with the MURS system.

The MURS system also comes in handy for the retail businesses that serve the customers directly. All you need to do is press a button and the message can be sent to the customer care – a simple and easy way to call for assistance.

The system is easy to install and use and is certainly a great option to consider.

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