Wireless Intercom Systems for Industry and Service Sectors

MURS Two Way RadioAt many major hotels and convention centers today, high tech intercoms and communication systems are being installed in order to provide better communication options for employees and also during events.

Due to increased security requirements, many major hotels are now using internal intercoms and communication systems so internal security staff will always be in constant communication with each other. This includes being able to communicate about potential hotel threats and also being able to communicate with other agents that back up security may be needed. Because so many of these hotels are over twenty thousand feet in size, without these types of internal communication measures, it would be pretty hard for hotel security staff to effectively communicate. In order to reduce the chance of a communication system shutting down due to wiring problems, most intercom systems installed at many hotels today are wireless. These wireless systems have really helped to reduce wiring costs, and also the number of communication blackouts. In addition, many hotels have also switched over to wireless intercom systems, because it helps them to easier communicate with their customers.

In addition to the hotel industry, there are also a lot of major convention centers that are also installing wireless intercom systems as well. Just like many hotels today, many convention centers have also switched over to intercom systems due to the need for increased security measures. Depending upon the size of the convention center, there may be up to twenty five internal intercom systems installed.

From a safety perspective, these new intercom systems have made it much easier to communicate with convention attendees, in case there is a fire or other potential threat. For example, when there is a convention going on that has attracted over five thousand people, it takes a very strong and reliable intercom system to communicate with guests. In the case of a potential threat, the warning message to event attendees needs to be communicated loudly, quickly and efficiently. In addition to internal intercom systems, many convention centers today are also installing intercom gate systems and call boxes at their front doors. These devices have been very useful for front door security agents, who sometimes have to communicate quickly with security teams inside. In addition, many of these outdoor intercom systems are also designed to be heard in parking decks and outside parking lots.

Along with convention centers and hotels, other businesses that use wireless intercom systems frequently include major airports, hospitals, and petroleum chemical plants.

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Military Intercom Installations to Increase by 35%

The use of industrial intercoms and communication systems has really increased in the military and at major airports over the past several years. Due to the increased threat of terrorist attacks over the past few years, many major airports across the country and around the world, have constructed new multiple level security divisions that require high quality industrial intercoms and communication systems in order to operate. At many major airport facilities in the United States for example, new security intercoms have been installed in the baggage claim and main concourse areas. This was done in order to ensure that all airport security personnel could communicate quickly and effectively in case of any type of emergency event.

In terms of intercom models, the majority of intercom systems have wireless features and also come with a gate entry call box. Having these type of features are mandatory in any type of high level security division, especially if there is a need to verify and confirm outside guests and visitors. Because of all the recent advancements made in communication technology, airport security chiefs and their staff are able to communicate quickly from one end of the airport to the other. This type of advanced communication feature even allows security teams to communicate with other staff members who are stationed outside.

In terms of industrial intercom and communication systems used in the military, these systems usually feature the highest form of communication quality possible. Due to the type of security needed in the military, the majority of intercom systems installed have very advanced features and are also wireless. For example, increased enemy attacks against military units stationed in places like the Middle East, has prompted military chiefs to request the construction of new multi-unit buildings. Because some cell phone networks do not operate efficiently in many of these outlying areas, most military units today have to rely on intercom systems in order to effectively communicate with military staff stationed in other buildings. Due to the nature of their operations, all intercom communication systems installed must be of the highest quality. Just like at many major airports today, many of the intercom systems used in the military are also connected to gate entry call boxes. This added feature allows military troops to easily confirm outside guests or identify potential intruders.

Because of the overall effectiveness of these systems, the number of intercom units installed at major airports and at military bases is expected to increase by at least thirty five percent by the end of 2015.

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Reliable and Secure UHF 2 Way Radios for Business

Wireless 2 Way RadioUHF radios or Ultra High Frequency radios are short range communication devices that operate in the 300 MHz to 3 GHz radio frequency spectrum. A wide range of UHF radios are available in the market today and they are extensively used by civilians, supermarkets, brasseries, service centres, public safety departments, and military personnel. Some of the best selling UHF 2 way radios are the 1-Channel Customer Service 2-Way Radio, the 4-Channel Customer Service 2-Way Radio, the Ultra-Compact 2-Way Radio, the UHF 231 Xtra-tough No-Display Two Way Radio, and the UHF 450-470 MHz Commercial Intercom.

The 1-Channel Customer Service 2-Way Radio is a portable and light weight radio that can be used to simplify daily tasks. It measures 5.8 x 2.0 x 1.1 inches and weighs only 130 grams. An FCC license is mandatory to operate this device and it uses a single communication channel to send and receive audio signals. The front panel is fully programmable and this device can provide coverage for up to fifteen floors. Battery versatility, hands-free operation, multiple call tones, keypad lock, and alkaline battery capabilities are some of the features of this device. This compact device is perfect for event planners, kitchen staff, and maintenance personnel.

The 4-Channel Customer Service 2-Way Radio is a business class radio that provides superior voice quality and enhanced security without compromising on cost. It operates in the 461-470 MHz radio frequency range and uses four different channels to stream and receive information. Both lithium ion and alkaline batteries can be used and the battery life is an impressive twelve hours. Channel scan, vibrating call functionality, multi-unit chargers, and private line codes are some of the highlights of this device.

The Ultra-Compact 2-Way Radio is a sleek, stylish, and high performance radio that can be carried in your pocket. Strong audio performance, push-to-talk functionality, robust battery charging, compact accessory connectors, smart status glow colours, voice driven menus, and superior battery life are some of the best features of this device. This portable radio comes with a swivel belt clip holster, drop-in tray charger, headset and a user guide for quick reference. This innovative device not only reduces staffing costs but also increases productivity.

Make sure you buy UHF 2 Way radios from quality vendors. UHF 2 Way Radios have become extremely popular over the past few years and they have become an indispensable part of a corporate communication network. Check out these amazing communication products and have your business communicating more effectively in no time.

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Wireless Intercoms

Wireless IntercomsWireless intercoms are telecommunication devices which enable a vast system of voice communication without the excessive wiring that would otherwise be required to connect intercom to intercom. These systems can incorporate a wide range of communication devices for amplification through walkie talkie systems, telephones and public address loudspeaker systems, while many modern intercoms available on www.intercomsonline.com include a wide-ranging functionality that can connect with similar makes and models.

A wireless entry intercom system offers its own traditional ‘inter-communicational’ extension through any household or building, designed to rally the office troops for an important meeting or simply to announce dinner time for the entire family regardless of where the group has scattered within the residence.

Wireless intercoms often communicative through widely available radio waves without the need of their own communication lines, picking up the slack of competing headset and mobile phone devices whose own mobility is often a hindrance, causing people to lose them or misplace them before the crucial communication.

These intercoms do not require the automation or memorization of phone numbers in order to communicate throughout their network, and can be programmed with a single number or button command allotted to every room of the house, relying on a closed-off communications service by augmenting the functionality of a building’s primary phone line.

This wireless technology can also communicate with outdoor intercoms, doorbell intercoms and a host of flexible and innovative communication devices compatible with every nook and cranny of the building or home.

A Widespread Solution

Intercoms are still some of the only devices capable of broadcasting through speaker channels, and the technology has expanded throughout the communications market to stay relevant in the age of headsets and smartphones, benefiting from the ease of their systems and the reliability of a widespread connection that is not as reliant on battery life as most mobile devices.

A wireless entry intercom is often compatible with a household’s standard phone, and does not necessarily fall into the proprietary traps of brand name intercoms connecting with brand name phones, forcing consumers to purchase a series of officiated features before being able to use the intercom service. Many modern devices harness a helpful ‘plug & play’ feature, allowing intercoms a versatility and mobility previously unassociated with bygone apartment intercom systems designed with handfuls of wiring and complicated set-ups.

A wireless intercom system of today is even capable of utilizing an encryption feature for those who might be worried about the security of a wireless system. Intercom technology is gradually catching up with the functionality of modern phones, allowing for a series of features compatible with extension lines, extra household or building phones, and secure user ID systems that allow for distinctions between the features available for the primary owner and those readily available to secondary users.

Customers will the relevant communication needs will find a wide variety of wireless intercoms to satisfy their setup.

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Keep Unwanted People Out with Intercom Entry Systems

There are a lot of apartment buildings in the world that control the access that people have to them. They make sure the front door to the apartment is locked. The residents can get in with a key. If a guest comes to visit one of the residents, they can be buzzed in by the resident from an intercom in the resident’s apartment. The use of intercom entry systems is not new, but the way it is being used has changed.

People have turned to these systems to protect their homes and their businesses. Many homes use a gate to prevent people from coming onto the property. If someone wants to get in, the homeowner would have to go to the gate and open it for them. The intercom entry systems allow the homeowner to do this remotely. Once they have identified who is at the gate, they can open it remotely from the comfort of the home.

The downfall of the systems that apartments used was their need to be wired together. This required a great deal of work and was often done when the building was first built. If the system stopped working it was not always easy to find out where the wire was damaged since it was behind the walls. Wireless systems have become much more common. Now there is no need to take down walls or to bury wires from the intercom to the receiver. All that you have to do is supply the units with power. This can be done with a cord or with batteries. The system can be moved to wherever it is needed easily. It is also much simpler to repair these systems. When it is not working the problem is either with the receiving unit or the base unit.

Business owners are also taking advantage of these systems to control the access of people to their business. The number of incidents involving workplace violence seems to have gone up in recent years. The best way to protect a business is to keep people who may present a danger out of the business.

Intercom entry systems are not supposed to keep the people who belong in a building out. If a person is supposed to be there, they can easily unlock the door with a key, a card or a code. The systems are meant to make it harder for people who are not known or who don’t belong in the building out. This is where they are the most effective.

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Protect Your Home with Front Door Intercoms

Front Door IntercomThe home is supposed to be the one place where we are most safe. Unfortunately, there are people who want to break into our safe place and cause us harm. It is up to the homeowner to make sure that their home is as safe as it can be without turning it into a prison. An alarm is a good start, but it is not the perfect solution for all situations. There are times when for some reason or another, an individual is allowed into the home and is able to cause problems.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is through the use of front door intercoms. These allow you to hear and even see who is at your front door before you give them a chance to get into your home. When they are used properly, they will make your home safer. They are not very expensive and are much easier to install than they were in the past.

The front door intercoms can be installed without having to do a major renovation. It used to be best to install these systems when the home was first being built. This allowed the wiring that was needed to be run easily. Many intercoms eventually became useless because the wiring would be damaged and it would be difficult to get to the wiring without damaging the home. The systems that are in place today are wireless. They do not require very much to install them. As long as they have a power source they will be ready to go.

Another advantage of the systems that are being used today is the addition of video. Not only will you be able to talk to the person at the front door, you can see who they are. This will allow you to know exactly who is at your front door and whether they present any danger to you and your home. The video images can be recorded and stored digitally. That means that you will have a record of everyone who approaches your front door. This can help you know what is going on at your house when you are not there.

Other features that people are using with front door intercoms also allow for remote entry. Once you have identified who is at the door, you can unlock the door to allow them in. This is a feature of convenience as much as safety. Make sure your home is protected with intercom systems.

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Strong Demand for Wireless Intercom Systems Continues

Wireless Intercom SystemsThe rising crime rate in many parts of the country today has helped to fuel the demand for outdoor wireless intercom systems. Those purchasing these systems range from single women to young families.

For example, there are thousands of parents with small children who have been purchasing wireless intercom systems as another form of home protection. This is because there is a strong need for extra security due to the crime rate. Stay at home moms and dads are using these intercom systems to accurately identify all visitors before letting them into their home. This includes everyone ranging from the milkman to the postman, to all delivery drivers and utility workers. It has become extremely important to have an intercom system today, because a large number of robberies and other crimes are being committed at homes where the visitors were not properly identified.

When it comes to a specific wireless intercom model and brand, many families like to purchase the UWS Wire Free Portable Wireless Intercom System. Some of the best features about this system is that it has a one thousand foot communication range and it also does not require any AC power. In regards to price, this system cost under one hundred and ten dollars.

In addition to families, there has also been a growing number of single women purchasing outdoor wireless intercom systems as well. Because they live alone, these women feel the need for an extra measure of protection. While it is important for everyone to accurately identify all individuals before letting them into their home, it is even more important for a single person. Many single women today are installing wireless intercom systems at their front and back doors. This way they will be able to communicate and identify anyone who tries to enter their house from either the front or back.

In terms of specific intercom brands and models, most single women today prefer to purchase the UWS Wire Free 900MHz Doorbell Intercom System. Some of the reasons single women prefer this model is because it has a built in doorbell sound, and it also allows visitors to communicate without having to repeatedly press the main intercom button. The UWS Wire Free 900MHz model is also very versatile, which means it can be installed on a single family home, townhouse or condominium. In terms of cost, this particular model can be purchased for under one hundred and twenty dollars.

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Intercom or Telephone Entry Pedestal Mounting Poles

Pedestal mounting poles, gooseneck poles, intercom poles, steel pedestals, they have many names, but their overall function is to support an intercom or telephone entry system at an entry point such as a door or gate. You want a pole that is heavy-duty and can withstand the harsh elements they are used in. For gate entry systems, you also need a pole that is the appropriate height for the various sized vehicles that you expect to arrive at your gate.

There are two choices for mounting these poles. Pad mount poles are mounted with bolts to a concrete slab. Ground mount poles are inserted into a hole and then concrete is poured into the hole to hold the pole in place.

Watch the video below to see the styles of pedestal poles available. You can see the poles available on IntercomsOnline by clicking here: http://www.intercomsonline.com/Pedestal-Mounting-Poles-s/124.htm

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Advanced Communication Technology in the Mining Industry

Two Way RadioThere are many difficult and dangerous businesses and industries that help support our civilization, none more fraught with peril than mining. Every year, thousands of workers put their lives on the line to find and recover the basic materials that keep the wheels of industry turning. The key to their safety and to continued high levels of production is communication.

Two way communication technology for the mining industry has come a long way over the past decades, and is today both powerful and reliable. The environment for this work is typically outdoors or underground, two locations that are traditionally tough on equipment.

One excellent solution for this communications problem is an outdoor wireless intercom system, one that is particularly designed and built to withstand environmental extremes while still delivering high quality audio. The nature of the terrain involves often precludes the installation of cables or other infrastructure, so the wireless solution is invaluable. It allows surface workers to stay in touch with those laboring far underground, whether for routine tasks or in case of emergency.

A MURS multi-mile base wireless intercom is another excellent solution for keeping everyone working on a far-flung mine site in touch. It is capable of addressing a wide range of communication devices, ranging from handheld walkie-talkie types to callboxes or other base stations. One of these units could be installed on each level of the facility, as well as at all gates and access points. Special noisy location handsets that are designed to work with these base stations are also available.

The combination of these two proven solutions gives an exceptionally powerful and flexible setup. The superintendent or General Manager can be in touch with anyone at any level, quickly and easily, allowing orders to be given, reports to be received and emergency activities to be rapidly coordinated.

Maximum production is always the goal of any mine installation – but it can never be at the expense of employee safety. The design and specification of a communications system is a key consideration when beginning any sort of mining operations, just as important as assaying the value of the ore found, the transportation in and out of the site, and the many other aspects required before the first shovel of dirt is turned over. A consultation with a communications professional prior to beginning work is strongly advised, and is money well spent in assuring a safe, productive work environment.

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GSM Intercom Uses a Cell Phone Network to Provide Infinite-Range Wireless Coverage.

GSM Intercoms, which have been very popular in Europe and Australia, are now available in the United States from RoveTec. In the U.S., a GSM Intercom is referred to as a Cell Phone Network Intercom.

GSM IntercomThe Infinite-Range Wireless Cell Phone Network Intercoms by RoveTec not only let their owners talk to visitors, but they also have the ability to trigger a gate opener or electric door lock by pressing a key on a telephone keypad.  The gate or door can also be triggered with text messages. In the event of a party or other situation where lots of people will be entering the gate, a text message could be sent to the gate to latch it in the open position. At the end of the party, another message is sent to close it again.

With these intercoms you can:

  • Let family members, who forgot their keys, enter the house.
  • Let delivery people in with instructions on where to leave packages.
  • Not have to run over to an intercom to answer the door.
  • Use a text message to latch a gate open for parties.
  • Let guests use their cell phone as an access key to open a door or gate.
  • Have convenience and peace of mind from having all of the above.

In the U.S. GSM services are offered by AT&T and T-Mobile and those providers who contract for services from them like Straight Talk, Net10, and others. GSM-based mobile phone service requires use of a standard-sized Subscriber Identification Module (SIM), which is an integrated circuit that securely stores information needed to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices. This SIM card is placed in the cell phone network intercom.

Three telephone numbers can be programmed in the intercom system, and these can be landline telephones or cell phones. When a visitor arrives at the intercom and presses the button, it dials the first number. If the first number does not answer, the intercom dials the second number, and then the third. Visitors should always be able to reach someone so important deliveries or visitors will not be missed.

Guests can also use their cell phone as a gate opener remote control if their telephone number is programmed into the intercom. The intercom uses the caller ID of a mobile phone to identify callers, and when it identifies callers on the list, it activates its internal relay, which opens the gate.  Numbers for delivery drivers, landscaping personnel, friends, family members, or anyone who needs access to the property can be programmed.

Says David Onslow, Marketing Director of IntercomsOnline.com who distributes the product, “With GSM intercoms you get benefits you can’t get from traditional wired or wireless intercoms, plus there is no need to run a telephone line or wires to the system, thereby eliminating the expense and mess associated with that task.”

For more information click here: cell phone network intercom or call 888-298-9489.

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