Choosing a Door Intercom

A door intercom is can be used by a gate or exterior door to greet your visitors. When they press button on the door intercom it sounds an alert on an inside station. The person inside can then press a button to respond.

There are two primary types of door intercoms, wired and wireless. If you have a new building under construction, then a wired system would probably be best. There is no better time to install wiring than before the drywall goes up. If you install CAT-5 wiring you can use the majority of the video or audio intercoms on the market. With a wired intercom system you won’t have to worry about any interference from other wireless devices.

If you have a pre-existing building, installing wiring may be cost prohibitive. That’s where a wireless system will benefit you. The one you choose comes down to the distance and obstacles between the outdoor and indoor stations. Some units only transmit at a range of a few hundred feet, while commercial models can go up to a couple of miles.

RoveTec IntercomThe other choice you’ll have is with features. One wired unit uses your existing telephones to communicate with the door unit. If you have a remote door lock, you can even hit the * key on the telephone keypad to unlock the door.

You can also use a video intercom so you can see who is at the door. You can even get a unit that records what happens at the door. There are no wireless video intercoms so you’ll have to run wires to use video.

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