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New GSM Cell Phone Based Intercom Puts Communication Anywhere

Below is a video describing a wireless gsm intercom  available from IntercomsOnline.com. This Cell Phone intercom uses GSM cell phone technology to make calls to any landline or cell phone. You can place the intercom anywhere you can get cell phone service from AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S., or Rogers in Canada. Other carriers like Sprint and Verizon use CDMA technology so the unit will not work on those.

With this intercom you don’t have to worry about range limitations of normal systems. As long as you have good service where you want to put it, range is unlimited.

This unit works well for driveway gate communication. When people drive up to the the gate and press the button, it will call pre-programmed telephone numbers so you can be anywhere in the world and still talk to visitors. You can press a key on your telephone’s keypad to activate an electric gate opener.

A keypad version allows people to enter codes to enter without having to press the call button. You can also program people’s cell phone numbers in the system so when they drive up to the gate, they can call the gate intercom and the gate will open based on their calling line ID info.

Programming the unit is done via text messaging so it can be done from anywhere.

An app is available that enables you to open the gate from the app.

To use it, you will need a cell phone plan from one of the wireless carriers mentioned.

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Practical Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless IntercomsThe intercom industry has stayed very solid over the years. In part this is due to the consistent need for home security and apartment efficiency, however it should also be noted that the intercom world has moved with the times and incorporated certain forms of technology into the products available. One such piece of technology is video intercom – this adds another layer of security that is invaluable, particularly for the elderly or other groups at risk. However, one of the most convenient pieces of technology to infiltrate the world of intercoms is wireless. Wireless is used from everything from gaming controllers to kettles – the elimination of wires is making the lives of the consumer much cleaner and simpler.

However, some may argue that not all wireless technology is completely useful – after all, some forms of this technology offer minor convenience more than anything. Wireless intercom systems really utilize the practicality of wireless by not forcing the homeowner to lay cables and make connections throughout their house. This can be challenging for a number of reasons and it takes a skilled person to know how to discretely hide wires running through a home. Wireless technology is at a point now where the signal is strong, reliable and best of all – portable. If the homeowner wishes to move the receiver to a different room of the house, this can be done very easily.

Choosing which wireless intercom system can seem daunting if one has never purchased intercom products before. However, just like any industry, there are trusted brands and trusted products that can be easily found online. For those looking for a door intercom system wireless, there are many options available – from a steel housed outdoor station for to endure all-weather conditions, to a simple 1-to-1 system that can be installed in minutes. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the homeowner with a house too big to always be close to the door, or the grandma needing a little bit more security than a peephole.

Choosing the right intercom requires a little bit of research but there is a lot of variety on the market and a lot of solid, reliable products. Choosing a door intercom system wireless is a good choice for just about anybody – utilizing the power of wireless in this format will do wonders for cleaning up those messy wires laid all throughout the house and allow a certain degree of efficiency.

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Communicate Effectively through High Performance MURS Wireless Intercom Devices

MURSMURS or Multi-Use Radio Service is a short-range communication service created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The spectrum range for MURS is 151-154MHz. and no license is required to operate a MURS device. Some of the bestselling MURS wireless intercom devices include the Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom System, Two-way Handheld Radio, Basic Commercial Callbox, and Xtra-Tough Submersible Radios.

Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom

A Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom device provides long range communication up to five miles and it is perfect for both home users and small businesses. It is a portable device that can be easily installed and it features a transformer powered base station unit, removable antenna, turn-on lock capability, earphone jack, multiple call tones, and a high performance power supply unit. It is extremely compact and is ideal for short distance communications.

Two-Way Handheld Radio

A Two-Way Handheld Radio works well with all the major base station products and it is perfect for both small scale industries and oil rigs. Backlit LCD, multiple monitor buttons, and the capability to add additional intercom systems are some of the striking features of this device.

Xtra-Tough Submersible Radio

The Xtra-Tough Submersible Radio is an industry grade communication device designed for heavy duty usage. It is rugged, water resistant, and works well under tough environmental conditions. It complies well with the IP57 communication standard and works efficiently in both land and water. It can be easily programmed to operate in the VHF frequency range and comes with radio units, charging station, external antenna, and a rechargeable battery. Manual squelch adjustment, programmable LEDs, voice inverse encryption, DTMF speed dial, BTLO functions, radio-to-radio cloning, priority scan, and 700mW loud audio output are some of the attractive features of this device.

Murs Basic Commercial Callbox

The MURS Basic Commercial Callbox has a maximum range of one mile and it is great for short range two-way communications. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and no extensive wiring or a dedicated telephone line is required. Weather-resistant housing, power fail alerts, adjustable microphone gains, integrated RF design, standby mode, push-to-talk functionality, busy channel lockout, and long battery life are some of the best features of the device. The MURS Basic Commercial Callbox is affordably priced and ideal for residential buildings, educational institutions, and golf clubs.

These MURS wireless intercom devices does a good job of simplifying communication problems and has become an indispensable part of any small scale industry. Check out these innovative MURS wireless intercom devices and quickly see improvements in your business.

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Wireless Intercom Systems for Industry and Service Sectors

MURS Two Way RadioAt many major hotels and convention centers today, high tech intercoms and communication systems are being installed in order to provide better communication options for employees and also during events.

Due to increased security requirements, many major hotels are now using internal intercoms and communication systems so internal security staff will always be in constant communication with each other. This includes being able to communicate about potential hotel threats and also being able to communicate with other agents that back up security may be needed. Because so many of these hotels are over twenty thousand feet in size, without these types of internal communication measures, it would be pretty hard for hotel security staff to effectively communicate. In order to reduce the chance of a communication system shutting down due to wiring problems, most intercom systems installed at many hotels today are wireless. These wireless systems have really helped to reduce wiring costs, and also the number of communication blackouts. In addition, many hotels have also switched over to wireless intercom systems, because it helps them to easier communicate with their customers.

In addition to the hotel industry, there are also a lot of major convention centers that are also installing wireless intercom systems as well. Just like many hotels today, many convention centers have also switched over to intercom systems due to the need for increased security measures. Depending upon the size of the convention center, there may be up to twenty five internal intercom systems installed.

From a safety perspective, these new intercom systems have made it much easier to communicate with convention attendees, in case there is a fire or other potential threat. For example, when there is a convention going on that has attracted over five thousand people, it takes a very strong and reliable intercom system to communicate with guests. In the case of a potential threat, the warning message to event attendees needs to be communicated loudly, quickly and efficiently. In addition to internal intercom systems, many convention centers today are also installing intercom gate systems and call boxes at their front doors. These devices have been very useful for front door security agents, who sometimes have to communicate quickly with security teams inside. In addition, many of these outdoor intercom systems are also designed to be heard in parking decks and outside parking lots.

Along with convention centers and hotels, other businesses that use wireless intercom systems frequently include major airports, hospitals, and petroleum chemical plants.

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Wireless Intercoms

Wireless IntercomsWireless intercoms are telecommunication devices which enable a vast system of voice communication without the excessive wiring that would otherwise be required to connect intercom to intercom. These systems can incorporate a wide range of communication devices for amplification through walkie talkie systems, telephones and public address loudspeaker systems, while many modern intercoms available on www.intercomsonline.com include a wide-ranging functionality that can connect with similar makes and models.

A wireless entry intercom system offers its own traditional ‘inter-communicational’ extension through any household or building, designed to rally the office troops for an important meeting or simply to announce dinner time for the entire family regardless of where the group has scattered within the residence.

Wireless intercoms often communicative through widely available radio waves without the need of their own communication lines, picking up the slack of competing headset and mobile phone devices whose own mobility is often a hindrance, causing people to lose them or misplace them before the crucial communication.

These intercoms do not require the automation or memorization of phone numbers in order to communicate throughout their network, and can be programmed with a single number or button command allotted to every room of the house, relying on a closed-off communications service by augmenting the functionality of a building’s primary phone line.

This wireless technology can also communicate with outdoor intercoms, doorbell intercoms and a host of flexible and innovative communication devices compatible with every nook and cranny of the building or home.

A Widespread Solution

Intercoms are still some of the only devices capable of broadcasting through speaker channels, and the technology has expanded throughout the communications market to stay relevant in the age of headsets and smartphones, benefiting from the ease of their systems and the reliability of a widespread connection that is not as reliant on battery life as most mobile devices.

A wireless entry intercom is often compatible with a household’s standard phone, and does not necessarily fall into the proprietary traps of brand name intercoms connecting with brand name phones, forcing consumers to purchase a series of officiated features before being able to use the intercom service. Many modern devices harness a helpful ‘plug & play’ feature, allowing intercoms a versatility and mobility previously unassociated with bygone apartment intercom systems designed with handfuls of wiring and complicated set-ups.

A wireless intercom system of today is even capable of utilizing an encryption feature for those who might be worried about the security of a wireless system. Intercom technology is gradually catching up with the functionality of modern phones, allowing for a series of features compatible with extension lines, extra household or building phones, and secure user ID systems that allow for distinctions between the features available for the primary owner and those readily available to secondary users.

Customers will the relevant communication needs will find a wide variety of wireless intercoms to satisfy their setup.

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Strong Demand for Wireless Intercom Systems Continues

Wireless Intercom SystemsThe rising crime rate in many parts of the country today has helped to fuel the demand for outdoor wireless intercom systems. Those purchasing these systems range from single women to young families.

For example, there are thousands of parents with small children who have been purchasing wireless intercom systems as another form of home protection. This is because there is a strong need for extra security due to the crime rate. Stay at home moms and dads are using these intercom systems to accurately identify all visitors before letting them into their home. This includes everyone ranging from the milkman to the postman, to all delivery drivers and utility workers. It has become extremely important to have an intercom system today, because a large number of robberies and other crimes are being committed at homes where the visitors were not properly identified.

When it comes to a specific wireless intercom model and brand, many families like to purchase the UWS Wire Free Portable Wireless Intercom System. Some of the best features about this system is that it has a one thousand foot communication range and it also does not require any AC power. In regards to price, this system cost under one hundred and ten dollars.

In addition to families, there has also been a growing number of single women purchasing outdoor wireless intercom systems as well. Because they live alone, these women feel the need for an extra measure of protection. While it is important for everyone to accurately identify all individuals before letting them into their home, it is even more important for a single person. Many single women today are installing wireless intercom systems at their front and back doors. This way they will be able to communicate and identify anyone who tries to enter their house from either the front or back.

In terms of specific intercom brands and models, most single women today prefer to purchase the UWS Wire Free 900MHz Doorbell Intercom System. Some of the reasons single women prefer this model is because it has a built in doorbell sound, and it also allows visitors to communicate without having to repeatedly press the main intercom button. The UWS Wire Free 900MHz model is also very versatile, which means it can be installed on a single family home, townhouse or condominium. In terms of cost, this particular model can be purchased for under one hundred and twenty dollars.

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Wireless Intercom Systems Offer Affordable Safety

Wireless IntercomsWired intercom systems are now available for the average home owner. Not incredibly long ago, wired intercom systems belonged solely to the rich or in apartment buildings with Carlton the Doorman sending people to your front door. The cost of electronic systems has decreased significantly in recent years. However, the technology has improved along with the reliability.

A wired system is a good choice for new construction. When building a new home or business, the walls are exposed allowing for the wiring for the mechanisms to be threaded within the walls, floors, or ceilings without damage. The wires can then be hidden with sheet rock, or whatever wall board is customary in your locale. This does not mean a wired system cannot be installed in an existing location. It simple means it will not be as easy. Wires will either need to be visible or to be fished through the walls.

Intercoms come in a variety of options; one simply needs to determine one’s needs and budget and narrow the selection from there. Determine if you want a panel only at the front door, or is it necessary to be able to reach someone within the home. For example, is it preferable to reach someone in the garage, or in the kitchen? If this is the case, select a package which allows for multiple room use. Your next decision is whether audio communication is sufficient, or do you want to be able to view the person on the other end of the conversation. A savvy home owner can find a system which will even allow recordings of those at your door.

Depending upon your needs there are options which appear to be more antiquated. However that is just a perception. If you are need of an intercom in a location which is noisy, such as a factory or building site, the use of handsets which look like wall telephones is the answer. These units will eliminate a large percentage of the surrounding noise, allowing the conversation to be heard and understood.

No matter what your need, why your need it, or what your budget is, you can find wired intercom systems which will eliminate communication issues between you and the person at the door. An intercom system is an easy way to bring peace of mind to those who live alone; they no longer need to open their door to an unwanted stranger or intruder. Safety is affordable when you start with the right system.

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The Great Benefits and Features of Wireless PA Systems

Wireless PA SystemIn case you are looking for a gadget or tool to communicate with large groups of people especially in case of events including sports, concerts or even in schools or offices, than you must consider a portable wireless PA system. It is certainly a great way to deliver the message loud and clear to all those who have the access and are in the range. Based on the requirements and features you are looking for, you can certainly get an option that fits your pocket as well.

MP3 Connectivity

The modern day’s wireless PA systems can easily be connected to your MP3 system or iPod. The added feature might cost you a little more; however, the quality and ease of operation is simply unmatched. You can play your favorite music and share them with other people with ease.

Rechargeable Batteries

Most systems in the preset times comes with a set of rechargeable batteries to run the same. This simply means some savings.

Freedom and Flexibility

The wireless system also offers you freedom from the difficulty related to the maintenance of wires. You feel in control of the things while getting a great range from a dependable system. It provides the flexibility that can never be offered by a system based on wires.

The wires are especially difficult to handle in large areas, as you are required to tape them along the ground. In case the ground is covered with carpet, the problem just multiplies many times. Wires are also prone to issues and can result in shorts.


The system is easy to install and use and does not require you to invest a lot of time as well.


Once the event is over, the wireless PA systems can be easily retrieved and packed. This allows you to move quickly to a new location. Unlike wired systems, you do not need to retrieve and roll the wires.

The best place to buy the wireless systems is online stores including intercomsonline.com. You get a wide range of options to choose from, great discounts and prices and a 45-day trial period as well. Choosing a perfect system as per you needs can be a little difficult and a number of factors play a vital role. Buying from Intercoms Online ensures that if the product is not able to satisfy you for one reason or the other, you can always have the same returned within 45 days of purchase.

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The Proliferation of Wireless Intercom Products

Wireless IntercomsIn many households today, wireless intercoms have become a necessity instead of a luxury. There was a time not so long ago when intercom systems were generally associated with high end income living. This typically included wealthy individuals who purchased intercoms systems to communicate with their household staff.

In more recent years, a large number of people have become primary caretakers for their parents, and many of them are installing intercom systems to ensure their parents wellbeing and personal safety. In a survey conducted in 2011, over thirty five percent of all households had an intercom system installed. The reasons for having an intercom ranged from monitoring parents to monitoring the activity of a newborn baby.

Another reason intercom systems are becoming so much more popular today is because they can be purchased at very affordable prices. At online retailers like IntercomOnline.com, there are intercom products available priced to fit every type of need and budget. This includes systems designed for call boxes, community gate systems, and also for inside the home. In addition, customers are also allowed to try the systems out for a forty-five day trial period.

Along with intercom systems designed for individuals, there are also systems available today that are designed specifically for commercial businesses. Some of the business types that use wireless intercoms frequently include large manufacturing plants, commercial production companies and large condominium communities. Due to the size of many manufacturing and production plants, they often need a wireless intercom in order to stay in contact and communicate with each other. In addition to internal wireless systems, many of these types of businesses also use external intercoms that are designed to be used on freight trucks, outside conveyor belts and loading docks.

Wireless intercom systems are also commonly used at many large condo communities. As a result of rising crimes like auto thefts and home break-ins, many communities are installing intercom systems at their front gate, so residents can confirm the identity of visitors. In many cases, having an intercom system at the front gate has helped to decrease home break-ins and auto thefts by almost thirty five percent.

Before purchasing an intercom system it is recommended to first review at least two or three products. It also recommended for first time customers to carefully read all instructions and warranty information so they will have a clear understanding of how the system works and also what type of financial protection and guarantee comes with the product.

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Reasons Why you should Opt for a Wireless Outdoor Intercom System

Outdoor IntercomThe popularity and demand of the wireless outdoor intercom systems is on the rise. They provide you with many aids that make the product a lot attractive and a must buy. Depending on your requirements and the amount you can afford to spend, there are a number of different options for you to consider and chose from. Here are a few great reasons why you should also opt for an outdoor wireless intercom system.

Added Convenience

The product adds on to the convenience in a number of different ways. Firstly, consider a situation when there is a visitor at the gate of your home. As soon as the doorbell rings, you would get a call on the handheld and can communicate with the person without moving an inch. There are options, which require the visitor to push a button to communicate while others are button free.

Secondly, it can be a great way to contact the different members of the family to gather at a place say for lunch. There are systems with multiple sets that allow you to broadcast a message to each of them. This can be especially handy in a situation where you want to call others but cannot leave the place say kitchen in the case because you have to keep an eye on the micro.

Water Proof

A few products are waterproof as well. This means you can still be in contact while there is rain without damaging the device.

Easy to Install and Use

Since there is no wiring, the product is easy to install and use. You can mount them on the walls or tabletops without any issues.

Global Connectivity

With the advancement of technology, you can stay connected with visitors of your home from any corner of the world. The only criterion is that there should be a telephone tower in the range of the intercom and you can stay in contact using your cell phone. The device also allows you to open and close the gates remotely for letting the visitors in; however, that would cost a little more money.

The wireless outdoor intercom systems are also of great aid when it comes to security issues. You can check and confirm the details about the visitor before opening the gates. The systems certainly offer a number of great reasons why you should also opt for one.

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