Choosing your Intercom System for Business or Home Installation

Entry Intercom SystemWhen did intercom entry systems become such a common part of our lives? Perhaps the first time you saw one it was on television, where a business impressed all by having an electronic system to check who is at the door, and decided whether or not to allow them access from afar. This may also be the first experience you had with an intercom entry system yourself.

Intercom entry systems then began to be used more and more in environments where safety of the individual indoors could potentially be compromised by opening the door to a stranger. Just as important as the safety of the individuals inside can be the safety of goods, technologies, secrets…

However, intercom systems are now used in much more mundane locations, and are indeed the standard for apartment buildings. If you head to an apartment building and you don’t have a key to get inside, you may have a number of methods to go through to gain entry. Commonly there is a buzzer for each apartment, but you may also need to enter the number of the apartment you wish to visit. Ultimately, you will get to speak to the occupier, assuming they are home.

A good quality intercom system is key for a business that wants to make a good impression. When you have clients arriving and expect them to be greeted by an intercom system be aware that this is going to be less friendly than meeting someone at the door. To make it worse, if you scrimp on the cost of your entry system, visitors may be difficult to hear on your end. It is usually even more of a problem at the other end, where your visitor may be on a busy street with loud surroundings. If he or she is unable to hear you clearly, this could give a really bad impression of your business as being unprofessional. These first impressions count.

Even for a home setup, intercom entry systems are now low cost and one should take the pains to choose one that performs above and beyond. Consider a video intercom system, or even a color video system so you can get a good look at who is at the door. Allowing people to access your home without first getting a good idea whether they really are who they say they are is asking for trouble, so choose your intercom system wisely.

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Wireless Technology for the Offshore Industry

MURS Outdoor IntercomThe giant strides with which wireless technology has been moving ahead in recent times has proved to be a boon to the communications sector, with a series of industries benefiting in a big way. If there is one area where wireless technology has come to create a revolution, it must well be the offshore industry, where the applications are gaining rapid momentum. With the availability of excellent standards and expansion opportunities, wireless technology has been certainly finding favor with several companies engaged in offshore activities. Wireless intercoms have come to provide the right kind of workable solution to a host of firms, which were otherwise finding it hard to taken on various offshore challenges. Here, Intercoms Online comes to play a crucial role by making available a long list of wireless intercoms that are best suited for offshore industrial activities.

From the industrial grade KS 1002 MURS Industrial Two-way Radio, which has come to rank as the ideal commercial unit for heavy duty utility, to the longest range MURS Multi-Mile Wireless Outdoor Intercom, there are umpteen wireless products that one can choose from the site. There may be many sources that sell wireless intercoms, but the specialty with the equipment sold by Intercoms Online is that you can be free from all kinds of confusion because what you get is the best in business that will fetch more value than your actual investment. Some of the most popular wireless outdoor products on sale include the UWS WireFree 900 MHz outdoor wireless intercom, the MURS basic commercial callbox, the RoveTec Infinite-range Wireless Cellular Network Intercom, and the UHF 456 450-470 MHz callbox XT outdoor intercom,.

At Intercoms Online, what you get is not only the best, but also the latest in wireless technology. That is why the products from here help you to successfully take on any kind of challenge posed by the environment. Nowhere else you can find such an extensive range of wireless equipment. Needless to say, what you’re making is a very useful investment when you order your requirements here because they serve beyond what they are actually meant for. So if you’re looking for wireless systems that are best suited to effectively take on offshore challenges, visit Intercoms Online.

Offering the best wireless solutions for an offshore environment, wireless products available at Intercoms Online are arguably the market leaders when it comes to devices that can handle the difficult task of working in offshore conditions.

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Is the MURS Multi Mile Industrial Two Way Radio the Best Long Range Radio on the Market?

MURSIn today’s technological age we are forever improving how we do things. We make items smaller and more capable. This is the same with everything from computers to cell phones. How we communicate is forever being improved and changed. This has been accomplished by the use of two way radios. Two way radios are truly a brilliant invention, cheap to run, convenient and reliable.

The use of two way radios can make life easier at both home and at work. They can be used to meet a variety of need. The first use is to stay in contact with one another. The second is to maintain an open line of communication with people such as your employees at work. In such places like retail stores employees use two way radios so that they can keep each other updated on events as well as stay in touch so they can help others find items in the store.

Perhaps the best long range 2 way radio is the MURS multi mile industrial two way radio. This two way radio handset will cost you close to two hundred and fifty dollars. This two way radio uses the MURS frequency which is a radio frequency which does not require an FCC license. The MURS multi mile two way radio is an industry leader and is found in most major companies and businesses.

What makes this the best long range 2 way radio for many are the extra features it has. There are several useful features to this two way radio. There is an LED indicator light which tells you when the radio is transmitting. The radio also has a channel selector which can rotate through 16 VHF channels. Of course there is a volume control found at the top. The radio also utilizes a push to talk feature to makes a call. The first side button opens and closes the gateway which allows for communication to transpire back and forth while the second side button sends a two tone signal which works the monitor=free intercom on the handset. You can also scan for a channel or frequency to use using the second top button.

This handset has everything one needs to utilize the full capacity of two way radio use. You can even connect your handset to a set of speakers making for a public announcement system through your wireless system. All these features make this the best long range 2 way radio on the market for many people – and for a low price too.

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UHF and MURS Wireless Intercoms

WirelessWhen it comes to the wireless equipment, there are now two main types of equipment available based on the frequency levels at which they operate. These two frequencies are the UHF and the MURS frequencies. Both the frequencies have their own set of pros and cons.

Wireless intercoms that operate using UHF have the ability to effectively penetrate land barriers that come in between the signals such as multi story buildings, compound walls and ceilings.  UHF wireless systems have the capability to work with existing UHF radio transmitters. There is no need to set up a new transmitter infrastructure.  These wireless intercoms have the capability to travel longer distances than the other form of wireless intercoms.

One of the main disadvantages in using a wireless intercom in the UHF frequency is overcrowding. A lot of members have already subscribed for this frequency and hence the traffic density is heavy.  Another disadvantage of using UHF wireless intercom is that it requires an original license to be operated. This adds to the cost of acquiring the device.

When compared to UHF-based intercoms, MURS-based systems are still fewer in numbers.  This is both in terms of how many people are using the systems, and how many different MURS systems are out there on the market.  However, this is rapidly changing as MURS, in the scheme of things, is relatively new, but should ultimately be cheaper for manufacturers and the end user.  This type of intercom doesn’t require a license. So the cost of acquiring the MURS based system is comparatively less than UHF systems.

On the negative, the power used in MURS intercoms is limited to 2 watts.  It has lower building and wall penetration capability when compared to a UHF device. It would not be able to penetrate barriers such as metal walls without the usage of external antennae.   With the help of an external antenna, MURS wireless telecom does have the capability to break barriers such as steel and metal walls. These external antennae would be come in handy in an outdoor environment where there are a larger number of skyscrapers in the vicinity.

For most small businesses, MURS systems will be cheaper to purchase, and simpler to setup.  They will probably not need the extra power the UHF brings, and if they purchase from a reputable seller they will be able to test in place, exchanging for a UHF system if needs be.

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