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New GSM Cell Phone Based Intercom Puts Communication Anywhere

Below is a video describing a wireless gsm intercom  available from This Cell Phone intercom uses GSM cell phone technology to make calls to any landline or cell phone. You can place the intercom anywhere you can get cell phone service from AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S., or Rogers in Canada. Other carriers like Sprint and Verizon use CDMA technology so the unit will not work on those.

With this intercom you don’t have to worry about range limitations of normal systems. As long as you have good service where you want to put it, range is unlimited.

This unit works well for driveway gate communication. When people drive up to the the gate and press the button, it will call pre-programmed telephone numbers so you can be anywhere in the world and still talk to visitors. You can press a key on your telephone’s keypad to activate an electric gate opener.

A keypad version allows people to enter codes to enter without having to press the call button. You can also program people’s cell phone numbers in the system so when they drive up to the gate, they can call the gate intercom and the gate will open based on their calling line ID info.

Programming the unit is done via text messaging so it can be done from anywhere.

An app is available that enables you to open the gate from the app.

To use it, you will need a cell phone plan from one of the wireless carriers mentioned.

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Where Can Homeowners Find Reliable Intercom Products?

Door IntercomFor those who are looking for a new and more reliable wireless intercom system, inputting the words ‘door intercom system wireless’ in your search engine will give you a full page of the latest intercom deals.

Due to the increasing number of crimes being reported in residential communities, many homeowners today are purchasing wireless intercom systems in their homes to protect themselves and their family. Just like the owner of a business, most homeowners also like to shop around and compare brands and prices. In most cases they are looking for an intercom that cost between five hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. One of the companies currently offering wireless intercom systems in this price range is Intercoms Online. This store offers a very wide range of intercom systems that are designed for a variety of needs and price ranges. Along with wireless systems, the store also offers wired systems as well.

Some of the most popular wireless intercom products today includes the UHF Security Door Intercom System and the Rove Tec Infinite Range Wireless Cell Phone Intercom System. In terms of product features, the UHF system provides customers the ability to be notified immediately of any incoming visitors, and also the ability to install the system at any entry point. Some of the product features included in the Rove Tec Infinite intercom system includes the ability to be notified of visitors through a landline or cell phone, and also having the ability to unlock the front door from another location.

In terms of price, most UHF intercom models generally cost under six hundred dollars, while most Rove Tec intercom systems are in the eight hundred to nine hundred dollar range. Both of these systems work well in most homes, and they both have a track record for being reliable.

Along with homeowners, small business owners will also be able to find some great deals at the Intercoms Online store. This includes those who are looking for a new intercom system for a retail store, and those who are looking for a gate intercom system for an insurance company or courier business. Some of the intercom systems that are recommended for commercial business use include the Backlit Cellular Intercom System and the MURS Call Box VT Intercom System. Both of these systems are highly reliable and cost under fifteen hundred dollars.

Finding the right intercom system is very easy, and only requires putting in simple words like ‘door intercom system wireless’ in a search engine to find the best deals.

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Military Intercom Installations to Increase by 35%

The use of industrial intercoms and communication systems has really increased in the military and at major airports over the past several years. Due to the increased threat of terrorist attacks over the past few years, many major airports across the country and around the world, have constructed new multiple level security divisions that require high quality industrial intercoms and communication systems in order to operate. At many major airport facilities in the United States for example, new security intercoms have been installed in the baggage claim and main concourse areas. This was done in order to ensure that all airport security personnel could communicate quickly and effectively in case of any type of emergency event.

In terms of intercom models, the majority of intercom systems have wireless features and also come with a gate entry call box. Having these type of features are mandatory in any type of high level security division, especially if there is a need to verify and confirm outside guests and visitors. Because of all the recent advancements made in communication technology, airport security chiefs and their staff are able to communicate quickly from one end of the airport to the other. This type of advanced communication feature even allows security teams to communicate with other staff members who are stationed outside.

In terms of industrial intercom and communication systems used in the military, these systems usually feature the highest form of communication quality possible. Due to the type of security needed in the military, the majority of intercom systems installed have very advanced features and are also wireless. For example, increased enemy attacks against military units stationed in places like the Middle East, has prompted military chiefs to request the construction of new multi-unit buildings. Because some cell phone networks do not operate efficiently in many of these outlying areas, most military units today have to rely on intercom systems in order to effectively communicate with military staff stationed in other buildings. Due to the nature of their operations, all intercom communication systems installed must be of the highest quality. Just like at many major airports today, many of the intercom systems used in the military are also connected to gate entry call boxes. This added feature allows military troops to easily confirm outside guests or identify potential intruders.

Because of the overall effectiveness of these systems, the number of intercom units installed at major airports and at military bases is expected to increase by at least thirty five percent by the end of 2015.

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Keep Unwanted People Out with Intercom Entry Systems

There are a lot of apartment buildings in the world that control the access that people have to them. They make sure the front door to the apartment is locked. The residents can get in with a key. If a guest comes to visit one of the residents, they can be buzzed in by the resident from an intercom in the resident’s apartment. The use of intercom entry systems is not new, but the way it is being used has changed.

People have turned to these systems to protect their homes and their businesses. Many homes use a gate to prevent people from coming onto the property. If someone wants to get in, the homeowner would have to go to the gate and open it for them. The intercom entry systems allow the homeowner to do this remotely. Once they have identified who is at the gate, they can open it remotely from the comfort of the home.

The downfall of the systems that apartments used was their need to be wired together. This required a great deal of work and was often done when the building was first built. If the system stopped working it was not always easy to find out where the wire was damaged since it was behind the walls. Wireless systems have become much more common. Now there is no need to take down walls or to bury wires from the intercom to the receiver. All that you have to do is supply the units with power. This can be done with a cord or with batteries. The system can be moved to wherever it is needed easily. It is also much simpler to repair these systems. When it is not working the problem is either with the receiving unit or the base unit.

Business owners are also taking advantage of these systems to control the access of people to their business. The number of incidents involving workplace violence seems to have gone up in recent years. The best way to protect a business is to keep people who may present a danger out of the business.

Intercom entry systems are not supposed to keep the people who belong in a building out. If a person is supposed to be there, they can easily unlock the door with a key, a card or a code. The systems are meant to make it harder for people who are not known or who don’t belong in the building out. This is where they are the most effective.

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Intercom or Telephone Entry Pedestal Mounting Poles

Pedestal mounting poles, gooseneck poles, intercom poles, steel pedestals, they have many names, but their overall function is to support an intercom or telephone entry system at an entry point such as a door or gate. You want a pole that is heavy-duty and can withstand the harsh elements they are used in. For gate entry systems, you also need a pole that is the appropriate height for the various sized vehicles that you expect to arrive at your gate.

There are two choices for mounting these poles. Pad mount poles are mounted with bolts to a concrete slab. Ground mount poles are inserted into a hole and then concrete is poured into the hole to hold the pole in place.

Watch the video below to see the styles of pedestal poles available. You can see the poles available on IntercomsOnline by clicking here:

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GSM Intercom Uses a Cell Phone Network to Provide Infinite-Range Wireless Coverage.

GSM Intercoms, which have been very popular in Europe and Australia, are now available in the United States from RoveTec. In the U.S., a GSM Intercom is referred to as a Cell Phone Network Intercom.

GSM IntercomThe Infinite-Range Wireless Cell Phone Network Intercoms by RoveTec not only let their owners talk to visitors, but they also have the ability to trigger a gate opener or electric door lock by pressing a key on a telephone keypad.  The gate or door can also be triggered with text messages. In the event of a party or other situation where lots of people will be entering the gate, a text message could be sent to the gate to latch it in the open position. At the end of the party, another message is sent to close it again.

With these intercoms you can:

  • Let family members, who forgot their keys, enter the house.
  • Let delivery people in with instructions on where to leave packages.
  • Not have to run over to an intercom to answer the door.
  • Use a text message to latch a gate open for parties.
  • Let guests use their cell phone as an access key to open a door or gate.
  • Have convenience and peace of mind from having all of the above.

In the U.S. GSM services are offered by AT&T and T-Mobile and those providers who contract for services from them like Straight Talk, Net10, and others. GSM-based mobile phone service requires use of a standard-sized Subscriber Identification Module (SIM), which is an integrated circuit that securely stores information needed to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices. This SIM card is placed in the cell phone network intercom.

Three telephone numbers can be programmed in the intercom system, and these can be landline telephones or cell phones. When a visitor arrives at the intercom and presses the button, it dials the first number. If the first number does not answer, the intercom dials the second number, and then the third. Visitors should always be able to reach someone so important deliveries or visitors will not be missed.

Guests can also use their cell phone as a gate opener remote control if their telephone number is programmed into the intercom. The intercom uses the caller ID of a mobile phone to identify callers, and when it identifies callers on the list, it activates its internal relay, which opens the gate.  Numbers for delivery drivers, landscaping personnel, friends, family members, or anyone who needs access to the property can be programmed.

Says David Onslow, Marketing Director of who distributes the product, “With GSM intercoms you get benefits you can’t get from traditional wired or wireless intercoms, plus there is no need to run a telephone line or wires to the system, thereby eliminating the expense and mess associated with that task.”

For more information click here: cell phone network intercom or call 888-298-9489.

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Ranch Driveway Long-Range Wireless Intercoms

Due to their remote locations, farms and ranches are easy targets for criminal activity, which is why gates are often installed on driveways. The problem is that gates also keep out your guests, delivery people, and others you want in. One solution is to install a long-range wireless intercom and gate opener that has the ability to remotely open the gate when a signal is received. But ranch driveways are often so long that running wires costs too much and most wireless intercoms don’t have the range needed.

There are two possible solutions to these problems. One is to use a long-range wireless intercom that has a range measured in miles, not feet. The other is to use a wireless intercom that uses cell phone technology. This is only a possible solution if you have cell phone coverage on your property.

Wireless intercoms that can reach long ranges use two-way radio technology. They are essentially two-way radios in a vandal anInfinite Range Cell Phone Intercomd weatherproof housing with the added capability of remotely activating a gate opener. These Multi-Mile Wireless Intercoms use two-way radio frequencies in either licensed radio bands, or in the unlicensed MURS (Multi-Use Radio System) radio bands.

The benefit of these two-way radio wireless intercoms is that mobile handheld radios can be carried while roaming your property and you can still talk to visitors and open the gate for them. You can also use base station intercoms inside a building to talk and open the gate.

If your ranch has cell phone coverage, then placing a Cellular Network Wireless Intercom at your gate may be a solution. As long as your gate is within range of a cell phone tower, then this intercom’s range is infinite. You could be on the other side of the world and still talk to visitors. By pressing keys on your telephone keypad you can activate a gate opener. So if the delivery person comes while you’re out, you can easily let them in.  You can even send text messages to the intercom to open or close the gate or to check its status.

You can program up to three telephone numbers in the cellular intercom, whether they are landline telephones or cell phones. When a visitor arrives at the intercom and presses the button, it dials the first number. If the first number doesn’t answer, the intercom dials the second number, and then the third number. So your visitors should always be able to reach someone and you won’t miss important deliveries or visitors no matter where you are.

Either of these ranch driveway long-range wireless intercoms can quickly and easily solve your gate communication problems without the huge expense of running wires. Plus you gain the advantage of mobility to move about your property and still be in contact with visitors.  To talk with product experts who can help you choose the right option for you, go to

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What is an Intercom System?

This video describes what an intercom system is and the various types of systems available. It covers wireless and wired intercoms and will give you a good overview of what’s available on the market and what you should look for if you are shopping for one.

Watch the video directly on YouTube: What is an Intercom System

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Power Plant Access Systems and Communication Devices

During the past five years, there have been significant communication system upgrades in thousands of power plants, as a result of increased number of on the job related accidents. In many countries around the world today including the United Kingdom and the United States, upgraded communication and security measures have taken place at major power plant facilities, as part of a plan to increase protection of plant equipment and staff.

The majority of these upgrades have centered on installing new internal intercom systems. In plant offices for example, new intercom systems have been installed in order to provide workers a more efficient and easier way to communicate with employees in other departments and in neighboring facilities.

Due to the dangerous level of work performed in power plants, it is very important that the intercom systems installed are highly reliable and durable. This includes intercom units that are able to withstand dangerous chemicals and excessive levels of heat. Many of the areas where these intercom systems are being installed are considered to be some of the most dangerous areas in the plant. For this reason, it is very important that the employees who work in these areas have an immediate and reliable way to communicate. This especially includes the employees who work directly in the central core of the plant’s main operating unit.

One of the intercom system used frequently in power generation plants today is the Two Door Access system. These types of system provide employees the ability to identity and confirm guests before they enter a department or building. This in turn also provides the plant an additional layer of security. The system is very easy to install and can be mounted on either a wall or desk. The price of most Two Door Access intercom systems generally ranges between three hundred and four hundred dollars. They also come with a full set of instructions, and in most cases an extended warranty.

In addition to using departmental intercom system, most power plants today also provide their employees with individual two-way radio intercom devices. These devices are usually given to employees who are assigned to inspect and repair damaged wiring or electrical producing equipment. Some of the features of newer two-way radio systems include an extended communication range and enhanced wireless performance. These devices come in both a commercial wired or wireless format, and are generally priced between two hundred and four hundred dollars. This seemingly large variation in price is based upon any added options or features.

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Installing an Intercom for Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Handset IntercomsIn large office environments, contacting others by email or by telephone is not always convenient. The convenience, however, is often needed. One alternative for many companies is to choose a solution that can work in these and other environments. This is one of the main reasons why some members of management install intercom systems in multiples area of the business or organization. Presently, there are many types of intercommunication systems available and they have many innovative features included. Some of these features will allow any user to contact people who are not sitting at their desk, employees in large manufacturing plants and people who work in offshore companies.

Intercom systems are very effective devices, especially if the company or organization faces an emergency situation. In some emergency situations the employees in an offshore facility may have to evacuate the premises as quickly as possible. Trying to reach each individual on a one on one basis could cause the loss of lives. However, if the employees in the facility are in immediate danger contacting the entire operation at one time via an intercom system is the best solution. Therefore, when a company is choosing a commercial intercom communication system they should make sure that the equipment is of the highest quality and meets certain standard. The equipment should always be in good working order and it must be loud and clear enough for people to understand what the person is saying without any type of static or muffling on the line.

The company may decide to choose a system that is installed by using wires or they may choose a system that is completely wireless. The difference between the two is substantial, especially when it comes to the installation process. Wired systems may require a professional to install it in a specific location or in multiple locations inside of an offshore facility. This means the professional will have to know exactly how the system should work to maximize the distance and the range for this communication. On the other hand, with a wireless system, there is an easy installation process involved because there are no wires to be installed. Also, with a wireless intercom system the range and strength will vary based on the station’s transmitter. The disadvantage to a wireless system is the interference, which is often similar to or the same as problems one can face with the Internet or mobile phone signals.

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