May 2013

Should I Choose a Color Video Intercom System?

What is the benefit of a color video intercom system? Using this system you will be able to see who is at the other end of the system will exceptional clarity. But is it worth the extra expense?

Let’s talk about that expense first. In reality, the difference in cost between a low-cost intercom system with no video at all, a video system (black and white) and a color video system is marginal. The price of screens and cameras have lowered significantly to make the cost of a higher-grade color video intercom system with a high definition display and video signal affordable for just about anyone.

Visitors are much more likely to be impressed by a color system, and as they are not much more expensive, it usually makes sense to go for them if you ever expect visitors to be using your intercom.

You can choose a two-way system that will allow both ends of the conversation to see each other, which can make for a much more personable greeting. Depending on the application, some people find this a bit too obtrusive – they don’t want visitors to be able to see them at first, for example. This option can be switched off though, so not to worry.

Even if you are planning on just displaying a video on the entry system to greet the user, it certainly impressed more when they can use a full-color touchpad to enter any details like room numbers of department.

Choosing a high definition color video intercom can allow you to make more use of recording abilities. You may want to keep a track of who has come and gone through your business, particularly if you have sensitive information within. Having a backup system in the form of a record of who has visited your business can be a lifesaver.

Intercoms also have other uses than as entry systems; in manufacturing and on the factory floor a two-way intercom can be very useful. Whereas many business rely on a two-way radio, upping the game and adding a color video stream can make a lot of back-and-fore obsolete, as the person on the other end of the conversation can see exactly what is happening without it needing to be relayed.

Intercoms therefore will continue to play an important part in business security, home safety, and across the world in businesses who need that ability to contact each other across a workroom floor.

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Front Door Intercoms Provide an Additional Layer of Security

Front Door Intercom SystemsThe need for electronic security has significantly increased in recent years due to the growing number of crimes. There was a time many years ago when individuals could leave their homes unsecured and their garage doors unlocked. But this trend began gradually changing over the years as more home burglaries and intruder break-ins started being reported. The most amazing thing about many of these crimes is that the intruders are breaking in when the owners are at home. In order to address this growing issue, many people have started installing security alarm systems and front door intercoms.

Residential Intercom Security

Having an intercom system provides individuals an opportunity to identify all visitors before letting them in. This type of system is strongly recommended for elderly people and individuals who live alone. Since so many criminals today are dressing up as utility repairman or cable installers to enter homes, having an intercom system is a convenient and safe way for the owner to demand to see some form of identification.

On a lighter note, an intercom system at the front door will also provide residents an easier way to identify and say “no” to door-to-door solicitors.

One of the most popular intercom systems used by homeowners today is the Rove Tec Infinite Range Wireless Cell Phone Intercom System. A large number of homeowners like to use this system because it provides them the ability to unlock their front door for visitors even when they are not at home, and the systems also notifies them of all incoming visitors via their cell or land line phone. The cost for this type of system is typically in the seven hundred to nine hundred dollar price range. The installation instructions are very easy to follow so no technician or electrician is needed.

Commercial Intercom Security

In addition to residential homes, front door intercoms are also frequently used today at warehouse facilities, government office buildings, and commercial office parks. Just as there has been an increase in residential crimes, there has also been an increase over the past few years in office building and warehouse break-ins. Since many of these crimes are being committed in the daytime during working hours, many business and warehouse owners have started installing intercom systems at their front doors. This provides an extra layer of security for their property and also for their employees as well. Now instead of visitors just walking into a warehouse or building, a receptionist or guard can identify them first before letting them in.

Having an intercom system installed at the front door is highly recommended for any type of business that has a strong steady flow of daily traffic and also a lot of daily deliveries. This would include shipping and receiving warehouses, law firms and doctor offices.

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Choosing your Intercom System for Business or Home Installation

Entry Intercom SystemWhen did intercom entry systems become such a common part of our lives? Perhaps the first time you saw one it was on television, where a business impressed all by having an electronic system to check who is at the door, and decided whether or not to allow them access from afar. This may also be the first experience you had with an intercom entry system yourself.

Intercom entry systems then began to be used more and more in environments where safety of the individual indoors could potentially be compromised by opening the door to a stranger. Just as important as the safety of the individuals inside can be the safety of goods, technologies, secrets…

However, intercom systems are now used in much more mundane locations, and are indeed the standard for apartment buildings. If you head to an apartment building and you don’t have a key to get inside, you may have a number of methods to go through to gain entry. Commonly there is a buzzer for each apartment, but you may also need to enter the number of the apartment you wish to visit. Ultimately, you will get to speak to the occupier, assuming they are home.

A good quality intercom system is key for a business that wants to make a good impression. When you have clients arriving and expect them to be greeted by an intercom system be aware that this is going to be less friendly than meeting someone at the door. To make it worse, if you scrimp on the cost of your entry system, visitors may be difficult to hear on your end. It is usually even more of a problem at the other end, where your visitor may be on a busy street with loud surroundings. If he or she is unable to hear you clearly, this could give a really bad impression of your business as being unprofessional. These first impressions count.

Even for a home setup, intercom entry systems are now low cost and one should take the pains to choose one that performs above and beyond. Consider a video intercom system, or even a color video system so you can get a good look at who is at the door. Allowing people to access your home without first getting a good idea whether they really are who they say they are is asking for trouble, so choose your intercom system wisely.

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