March 2013

Where Can Homeowners Find Reliable Intercom Products?

Door IntercomFor those who are looking for a new and more reliable wireless intercom system, inputting the words ‘door intercom system wireless’ in your search engine will give you a full page of the latest intercom deals.

Due to the increasing number of crimes being reported in residential communities, many homeowners today are purchasing wireless intercom systems in their homes to protect themselves and their family. Just like the owner of a business, most homeowners also like to shop around and compare brands and prices. In most cases they are looking for an intercom that cost between five hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. One of the companies currently offering wireless intercom systems in this price range is Intercoms Online. This store offers a very wide range of intercom systems that are designed for a variety of needs and price ranges. Along with wireless systems, the store also offers wired systems as well.

Some of the most popular wireless intercom products today includes the UHF Security Door Intercom System and the Rove Tec Infinite Range Wireless Cell Phone Intercom System. In terms of product features, the UHF system provides customers the ability to be notified immediately of any incoming visitors, and also the ability to install the system at any entry point. Some of the product features included in the Rove Tec Infinite intercom system includes the ability to be notified of visitors through a landline or cell phone, and also having the ability to unlock the front door from another location.

In terms of price, most UHF intercom models generally cost under six hundred dollars, while most Rove Tec intercom systems are in the eight hundred to nine hundred dollar range. Both of these systems work well in most homes, and they both have a track record for being reliable.

Along with homeowners, small business owners will also be able to find some great deals at the Intercoms Online store. This includes those who are looking for a new intercom system for a retail store, and those who are looking for a gate intercom system for an insurance company or courier business. Some of the intercom systems that are recommended for commercial business use include the Backlit Cellular Intercom System and the MURS Call Box VT Intercom System. Both of these systems are highly reliable and cost under fifteen hundred dollars.

Finding the right intercom system is very easy, and only requires putting in simple words like ‘door intercom system wireless’ in a search engine to find the best deals.

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Choose Intercoms Online for your Telephone Intercom Systems

Telephone Intercom SystemsIntercom systems allow two parties to communicate instantly, with many uses, from paging to small conversations. Some may use intercoms to screen incoming house guests or building guests, or in speaking to someone from room to room within a large area. Companies may use intercoms to page employees quickly when needed. The use of intercoms has become a staple in day to day life.

More specifically, telephone intercom systems are perfect for in-office calls and pages, as an alternative to walkie-talkies or normal phone calls. This feature is available on many office telephones, which is highly beneficial between office workers. With the simple press of a button, employees can contact a specific office room or coworker’s desk.

With Intercoms Online, customers will receive the same top quality offered by Tim Bruxvoort’s twenty two years of expertise in telecommunications. Specifically with telephone intercom systems, Intercoms Online is dead set on providing potential customers with the exact quality needed to get the job done. With the knowledge of such dedication and intelligence behind each product, any customer can feel comfortable knowing the products they desire come from people who understand their needs.

Intercoms Online prides itself in selling the top of the line intercoms, selling only what is current on the market. The prospect client will not find left-over products or cheap items made with low quality materials. This company is also developing in house products that cannot be found otherwise.

Potential customers can also rest assured with each purchase. When one orders a telephone intercom system, buyers will enjoy the 45-day trial and return policy. Unlike other companies, potential customers can try each product before buying it, to ensure that the product lives up to any expectations. Intercoms Online allows customers to pick want they want, not settle for what is available.

Intercoms Online uses specific business assets that is not always found with other companies. The employees are known for being knowledgeable in the products they sell. Other companies may choose workers based on the ability to sell a product, instead of allowing clients to speak to individuals who have a good, solid background with the products they are selling. However, this company bases their business upon developing relationships with their clients, instead of treating them like numbers and business transactions. Buying telephone intercom systems will not simply be just a business deal, but a start to a lasting friendship.

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Communicate Effectively through High Performance MURS Wireless Intercom Devices

MURSMURS or Multi-Use Radio Service is a short-range communication service created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The spectrum range for MURS is 151-154MHz. and no license is required to operate a MURS device. Some of the bestselling MURS wireless intercom devices include the Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom System, Two-way Handheld Radio, Basic Commercial Callbox, and Xtra-Tough Submersible Radios.

Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom

A Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom device provides long range communication up to five miles and it is perfect for both home users and small businesses. It is a portable device that can be easily installed and it features a transformer powered base station unit, removable antenna, turn-on lock capability, earphone jack, multiple call tones, and a high performance power supply unit. It is extremely compact and is ideal for short distance communications.

Two-Way Handheld Radio

A Two-Way Handheld Radio works well with all the major base station products and it is perfect for both small scale industries and oil rigs. Backlit LCD, multiple monitor buttons, and the capability to add additional intercom systems are some of the striking features of this device.

Xtra-Tough Submersible Radio

The Xtra-Tough Submersible Radio is an industry grade communication device designed for heavy duty usage. It is rugged, water resistant, and works well under tough environmental conditions. It complies well with the IP57 communication standard and works efficiently in both land and water. It can be easily programmed to operate in the VHF frequency range and comes with radio units, charging station, external antenna, and a rechargeable battery. Manual squelch adjustment, programmable LEDs, voice inverse encryption, DTMF speed dial, BTLO functions, radio-to-radio cloning, priority scan, and 700mW loud audio output are some of the attractive features of this device.

Murs Basic Commercial Callbox

The MURS Basic Commercial Callbox has a maximum range of one mile and it is great for short range two-way communications. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and no extensive wiring or a dedicated telephone line is required. Weather-resistant housing, power fail alerts, adjustable microphone gains, integrated RF design, standby mode, push-to-talk functionality, busy channel lockout, and long battery life are some of the best features of the device. The MURS Basic Commercial Callbox is affordably priced and ideal for residential buildings, educational institutions, and golf clubs.

These MURS wireless intercom devices does a good job of simplifying communication problems and has become an indispensable part of any small scale industry. Check out these innovative MURS wireless intercom devices and quickly see improvements in your business.

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Wireless Intercom Systems for Industry and Service Sectors

MURS Two Way RadioAt many major hotels and convention centers today, high tech intercoms and communication systems are being installed in order to provide better communication options for employees and also during events.

Due to increased security requirements, many major hotels are now using internal intercoms and communication systems so internal security staff will always be in constant communication with each other. This includes being able to communicate about potential hotel threats and also being able to communicate with other agents that back up security may be needed. Because so many of these hotels are over twenty thousand feet in size, without these types of internal communication measures, it would be pretty hard for hotel security staff to effectively communicate. In order to reduce the chance of a communication system shutting down due to wiring problems, most intercom systems installed at many hotels today are wireless. These wireless systems have really helped to reduce wiring costs, and also the number of communication blackouts. In addition, many hotels have also switched over to wireless intercom systems, because it helps them to easier communicate with their customers.

In addition to the hotel industry, there are also a lot of major convention centers that are also installing wireless intercom systems as well. Just like many hotels today, many convention centers have also switched over to intercom systems due to the need for increased security measures. Depending upon the size of the convention center, there may be up to twenty five internal intercom systems installed.

From a safety perspective, these new intercom systems have made it much easier to communicate with convention attendees, in case there is a fire or other potential threat. For example, when there is a convention going on that has attracted over five thousand people, it takes a very strong and reliable intercom system to communicate with guests. In the case of a potential threat, the warning message to event attendees needs to be communicated loudly, quickly and efficiently. In addition to internal intercom systems, many convention centers today are also installing intercom gate systems and call boxes at their front doors. These devices have been very useful for front door security agents, who sometimes have to communicate quickly with security teams inside. In addition, many of these outdoor intercom systems are also designed to be heard in parking decks and outside parking lots.

Along with convention centers and hotels, other businesses that use wireless intercom systems frequently include major airports, hospitals, and petroleum chemical plants.

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Military Intercom Installations to Increase by 35%

The use of industrial intercoms and communication systems has really increased in the military and at major airports over the past several years. Due to the increased threat of terrorist attacks over the past few years, many major airports across the country and around the world, have constructed new multiple level security divisions that require high quality industrial intercoms and communication systems in order to operate. At many major airport facilities in the United States for example, new security intercoms have been installed in the baggage claim and main concourse areas. This was done in order to ensure that all airport security personnel could communicate quickly and effectively in case of any type of emergency event.

In terms of intercom models, the majority of intercom systems have wireless features and also come with a gate entry call box. Having these type of features are mandatory in any type of high level security division, especially if there is a need to verify and confirm outside guests and visitors. Because of all the recent advancements made in communication technology, airport security chiefs and their staff are able to communicate quickly from one end of the airport to the other. This type of advanced communication feature even allows security teams to communicate with other staff members who are stationed outside.

In terms of industrial intercom and communication systems used in the military, these systems usually feature the highest form of communication quality possible. Due to the type of security needed in the military, the majority of intercom systems installed have very advanced features and are also wireless. For example, increased enemy attacks against military units stationed in places like the Middle East, has prompted military chiefs to request the construction of new multi-unit buildings. Because some cell phone networks do not operate efficiently in many of these outlying areas, most military units today have to rely on intercom systems in order to effectively communicate with military staff stationed in other buildings. Due to the nature of their operations, all intercom communication systems installed must be of the highest quality. Just like at many major airports today, many of the intercom systems used in the military are also connected to gate entry call boxes. This added feature allows military troops to easily confirm outside guests or identify potential intruders.

Because of the overall effectiveness of these systems, the number of intercom units installed at major airports and at military bases is expected to increase by at least thirty five percent by the end of 2015.

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