December 2012

Ranch Driveway Long-Range Wireless Intercoms

Due to their remote locations, farms and ranches are easy targets for criminal activity, which is why gates are often installed on driveways. The problem is that gates also keep out your guests, delivery people, and others you want in. One solution is to install a long-range wireless intercom and gate opener that has the ability to remotely open the gate when a signal is received. But ranch driveways are often so long that running wires costs too much and most wireless intercoms don’t have the range needed.

There are two possible solutions to these problems. One is to use a long-range wireless intercom that has a range measured in miles, not feet. The other is to use a wireless intercom that uses cell phone technology. This is only a possible solution if you have cell phone coverage on your property.

Wireless intercoms that can reach long ranges use two-way radio technology. They are essentially two-way radios in a vandal anInfinite Range Cell Phone Intercomd weatherproof housing with the added capability of remotely activating a gate opener. These Multi-Mile Wireless Intercoms use two-way radio frequencies in either licensed radio bands, or in the unlicensed MURS (Multi-Use Radio System) radio bands.

The benefit of these two-way radio wireless intercoms is that mobile handheld radios can be carried while roaming your property and you can still talk to visitors and open the gate for them. You can also use base station intercoms inside a building to talk and open the gate.

If your ranch has cell phone coverage, then placing a Cellular Network Wireless Intercom at your gate may be a solution. As long as your gate is within range of a cell phone tower, then this intercom’s range is infinite. You could be on the other side of the world and still talk to visitors. By pressing keys on your telephone keypad you can activate a gate opener. So if the delivery person comes while you’re out, you can easily let them in.  You can even send text messages to the intercom to open or close the gate or to check its status.

You can program up to three telephone numbers in the cellular intercom, whether they are landline telephones or cell phones. When a visitor arrives at the intercom and presses the button, it dials the first number. If the first number doesn’t answer, the intercom dials the second number, and then the third number. So your visitors should always be able to reach someone and you won’t miss important deliveries or visitors no matter where you are.

Either of these ranch driveway long-range wireless intercoms can quickly and easily solve your gate communication problems without the huge expense of running wires. Plus you gain the advantage of mobility to move about your property and still be in contact with visitors.  To talk with product experts who can help you choose the right option for you, go to

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