October 2012

What is an Intercom System?

This video describes what an intercom system is and the various types of systems available. It covers wireless and wired intercoms and will give you a good overview of what’s available on the market and what you should look for if you are shopping for one.

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Three Top Benefits of Two-Way Radios in the Mining Industry

Two Way RadioPeople who work in the mining industry face various challenges on a daily basis. One of their top challenges is protecting the safety of every worker involved on a specific site. Fortunately, there are many advances in technology that helps to address some of these areas. One of the best advances is communications between workers, specifically wireless communications systems. With wireless communications systems, the mining industry can benefit from a more sophisticated, efficient and dependable communication systems when they are utilizing two-way radios to communicate. Some of the latest and most recent advances include the commercial digital two-way radio systems. When a company uses these types of systems, the workers can take advantage of many different benefits. Some of the most common benefits of two-way radios are listed below.

– Enhances efficiency and performance – This digital technology enhances every worker’s efficiency and performance because it has a wide range of coverage, extended battery life and crisp audio. Based on the company and the individual’s operational needs, everyone that uses it will have the ability to communicate with one miner or they can communicate information to an entire a group. These communications systems have been designed to make all communication efficient and effective among the work group and to others who are indirectly affected by their daily activities. Everyone who has a role in a certain activity can be reached immediately. They can also respond with the information that is needed.
– Equipment Failure and Recovery – In any operation, equipment failure is a normal part of mining activities. When this occurs, however, it is important that repairs and replacements are made as quickly as possible. By using the two-way radio systems, any miner can contact the areas responsible for the equipment directly and the maintenance workers are able to respond with the necessary repairs and replacements as soon as possible. Once the equipment is up and available again, the person that is in charge can contact the entire group to continue their duties and responsibilities.
– Worker Safety – History has always recorded the mining industry as work that compromises the safety of their workers on a daily basis. Therefore, when there are safety problems in a specific area on a site it is important that all workers are informed and know what is happening as it is occurring.

Two-way radio digital systems are extremely beneficial because they enhance the communication with those who are on the inside and on the outside of a site.

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Power Plant Access Systems and Communication Devices

During the past five years, there have been significant communication system upgrades in thousands of power plants, as a result of increased number of on the job related accidents. In many countries around the world today including the United Kingdom and the United States, upgraded communication and security measures have taken place at major power plant facilities, as part of a plan to increase protection of plant equipment and staff.

The majority of these upgrades have centered on installing new internal intercom systems. In plant offices for example, new intercom systems have been installed in order to provide workers a more efficient and easier way to communicate with employees in other departments and in neighboring facilities.

Due to the dangerous level of work performed in power plants, it is very important that the intercom systems installed are highly reliable and durable. This includes intercom units that are able to withstand dangerous chemicals and excessive levels of heat. Many of the areas where these intercom systems are being installed are considered to be some of the most dangerous areas in the plant. For this reason, it is very important that the employees who work in these areas have an immediate and reliable way to communicate. This especially includes the employees who work directly in the central core of the plant’s main operating unit.

One of the intercom system used frequently in power generation plants today is the Two Door Access system. These types of system provide employees the ability to identity and confirm guests before they enter a department or building. This in turn also provides the plant an additional layer of security. The system is very easy to install and can be mounted on either a wall or desk. The price of most Two Door Access intercom systems generally ranges between three hundred and four hundred dollars. They also come with a full set of instructions, and in most cases an extended warranty.

In addition to using departmental intercom system, most power plants today also provide their employees with individual two-way radio intercom devices. These devices are usually given to employees who are assigned to inspect and repair damaged wiring or electrical producing equipment. Some of the features of newer two-way radio systems include an extended communication range and enhanced wireless performance. These devices come in both a commercial wired or wireless format, and are generally priced between two hundred and four hundred dollars. This seemingly large variation in price is based upon any added options or features.

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