July 2012

UHF and MURS Wireless Intercoms

WirelessWhen it comes to the wireless equipment, there are now two main types of equipment available based on the frequency levels at which they operate. These two frequencies are the UHF and the MURS frequencies. Both the frequencies have their own set of pros and cons.

Wireless intercoms that operate using UHF have the ability to effectively penetrate land barriers that come in between the signals such as multi story buildings, compound walls and ceilings.  UHF wireless systems have the capability to work with existing UHF radio transmitters. There is no need to set up a new transmitter infrastructure.  These wireless intercoms have the capability to travel longer distances than the other form of wireless intercoms.

One of the main disadvantages in using a wireless intercom in the UHF frequency is overcrowding. A lot of members have already subscribed for this frequency and hence the traffic density is heavy.  Another disadvantage of using UHF wireless intercom is that it requires an original license to be operated. This adds to the cost of acquiring the device.

When compared to UHF-based intercoms, MURS-based systems are still fewer in numbers.  This is both in terms of how many people are using the systems, and how many different MURS systems are out there on the market.  However, this is rapidly changing as MURS, in the scheme of things, is relatively new, but should ultimately be cheaper for manufacturers and the end user.  This type of intercom doesn’t require a license. So the cost of acquiring the MURS based system is comparatively less than UHF systems.

On the negative, the power used in MURS intercoms is limited to 2 watts.  It has lower building and wall penetration capability when compared to a UHF device. It would not be able to penetrate barriers such as metal walls without the usage of external antennae.   With the help of an external antenna, MURS wireless telecom does have the capability to break barriers such as steel and metal walls. These external antennae would be come in handy in an outdoor environment where there are a larger number of skyscrapers in the vicinity.

For most small businesses, MURS systems will be cheaper to purchase, and simpler to setup.  They will probably not need the extra power the UHF brings, and if they purchase from a reputable seller they will be able to test in place, exchanging for a UHF system if needs be.

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How to Choose an Intercom System

OnlineIntercom systems for homes are very useful in that they can amplify a house’s security, and can also help the house’s occupants communicate better without having to resort to yelling.  People who have decided to install a system in the home should look for three indicators; technology, range and security.

A home owner wanting to install one must first decide whether they want a wireless or wired system.  Wired systems typically work best in houses where the new intercom will act as a replacement, or in an older house.  Typically, these houses will already be outfitted for wires, so installation is just a simple matter of getting an electrician or telephone operator to do the installation.  Some wired system offer extras such as radio or music players, to add a little ambiance to a location.  However, it is also acceptable to install a system that just does the basic voice communication.

Otherwise, a homeowner may decide to install a wireless intercom system, depending on the house location and his or her technological ability.  Surprisingly, wireless systems are not at all complicated, and are developed to be used by laymen.  The advantages of home wireless intercoms, is that they can be plugged in or be carried around or moved in order to maximize their benefits.  Furthermore, there is no need to drill holes or run wires, as some systems can be mounted instead of being fixed to walls.

Obviously wireless systems have the technological advantage but there is a downside to choosing wireless.  First, wireless systems are susceptible to interference from other devices.  Just as a computer may be affected by a ringing mobile, it is possible for the wireless system to pick up signals from other sources.  A radio, television or another device at another location may interfere with reception and the proper relay of messages and images.  Secondly, it is possible for the signal to be tapped.  To prevent this try getting a wireless system with a certain range – about 200 kHz to 270 kHz or 2.4 GHz will do.

Wired systems, too, have their disadvantages.  If the house’s wiring is shoddy, or if the system has not been installed along the correct lines, then it is very likely that the system will not work well.  The wires are also susceptible to outside influences on the interior walls, so that it is quite possible to have ‘weird’ experiences with the wired intercom system from time to time.

The best range for a system is 1000 to 1500 feet.  With a wireless system, this can be extended due to their mobility.  However, performance for both types of device drops outside at the limits of this range.  Additional equipment will have to be utilized, if the homeowner’s needs extend beyond this.

Lastly, security is an important function of the system.  There are no cons, exactly, associated with security, but which features one chooses depend a lot on actual need.  Will the house need video monitoring, or just sound?  Will locks be necessary, in case the device must stay on in a certain area?  These are good questions to consider before making a purchase.

Intercom systems, on the whole, are good investments.  Make sure that the investment chosen is the right one.

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Wireless Entry Phone Systems for Security and Convenience

Everyone wants to protect themselves from harm. This is just a simple part of being human. Eight out of ten home burglaries happen through the front the door. Some of these are forced entries when the owner went to open the door. This is just one reason why an entry phone system is recommended in your home. The ability to screen visitors at your front door and buzz them in at your leisure is a wonderful safety measure; add wireless to the mix and you have something you cannot afford to pass up.

A wireless entry phone system gives you the ability to let anyone into your home from almost anywhere. You can be walking around the basement of your home or out back in the yard and still communicate with the front door and allow people entry. For some entry systems that work with your cell phone you can also do this from outside the boundaries of your own property.

This can go beyond the realms of self-preservation as well. A wireless entry phone system just makes for good modern day convenience. The ability to move about your home and not have to run to the intercom every time the doorbell is rung is just a great idea alone. We have had all had occasions where we are out and about when friends and family arrive at our home early or unexpected. Now we can simply allow them entry even when not at home.

Some wireless systems are more than just wireless intercoms. They are wireless intercoms with video. This way you can see who it is you are communicating with. These systems are inexpensive and can be installed in a matter of hours. There are even some systems which work off whatever previous intercom system you already have installed in your home. Everything can then be routed through your cellular phone, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. So now you have these affordable and easy to install options, how can one not have this sort of protection and convenience in their home?

In today’s world we need all the protection we can get and a wireless entry phone system is a good start that gives you the comfort and ease you deserve every time the doorbell rings. The advantages abound, and there really are no down-sides to installing a fantastic wireless entry system in your home.

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Protecting your Home with a Wireless Intercom System

IntercomOne of the basic human needs a person has is to protect themselves, their family, and loved ones. Not only that, a person also needs to protect their home. Home protection is important, personal home security is what allows one to have a peace of mind when one is out on vacation or far away from one’s home. Knowing that your home is protected is something which one cannot put a price or value on.  Fortunately, there are many ways one can secure their home.

Home security is not just for when you are away from the home, but also something you must consider when you are home. With the use of home wireless intercom systems you can now have total control on who comes and goes from your homestead.

Imagine you have walled in your property. There is only one way in and one way out and that is through the front door. With a home intercom system you can communicate with whoever has arrived at your front door and choose whether or not to grant them access. With a wireless system this can be done from anywhere in your home (or outside the home as long as you are still within the vicinity of your signal receivers).

Home wireless intercom systems take home security to the next level, with the ability to communicate from afar and even grant outsiders access when you are not at home. This works when you have visitors or family that you do not want to have wait for you outside till you return home – you can allow them to enter your home even when you are not there.

These wireless intercom systems are affordable and you can find a good one for as low as four hundred dollars and an excellent one for one to two thousand. They are easy to install and in some cases can be used with pre-existing intercom systems as an upgrade of sorts. This makes home wireless intercom systems a must-have for anyone who is remotely interesting in securing their home from outside invasion.

It is your home, there is no reason why you should not make sure it is secured to the best of your ability  A wireless intercom system is a simple part of your whole home security system but should not be overlooked – they are convenient, safe, easy to install and come at a low price.

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Retail and Industrial Applications of 2 Way Mobile Radios

RadiosMankind has come a long way from sending smoke signals and banging two rocks together to get someone’s attention. The way we communicate with one another has become ever increasingly more advanced as time moves on. This application of exciting technology is used just about everywhere in the world.

From the home to the office and even other places of business, 2 way mobile radios are being used constantly. In retail outlets these radios are used to communicate across the store without having to shout. These way employees can help customers better by radioing where an item is located in the store instead of walking the customer all over either looking for the item or finding someone who knows where it is. The same is done for industrial complexes where workers are at one end of a building and need to be in touch with people on the opposite side in the flick of a switch.

The technology has become so commonplace and affordable that the use of 2 way radios has even been incorporated into some cell phones to create hybrid devices. One can now communicate with their cell phone from a 2 way radio similar to the way one would do so directly with a 2 way radio. It is even cheaper than using your cell phone to call someone.

Two way mobile radios have become smaller and more compact. They can fit in holders which slip around your belt or even clip to your belt or collar. They are lightweight and durable. They are made to take a beating if dropped, or even left somewhere out in the open. Most common handheld radio sets will run you just under three hundred dollars even though they can go as high as a thousand dollars for an impressive multifunctional set.  Any business that has employees spread out over a vast distance needs to consider using this equipment as standard work equipment.

There are of course other forms and uses for 2 way mobile radios – their applications seem to be unending. They are becoming common in homes and have been used to tie into electronic gates and even intercom systems. The technology and uses of mobile radios has come a long way and will only continue to improve as time goes on.  It is still in these retail and industrial environments that they really shine; a perfect example of good technology working well.

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Benefits of Installing a Whole House Intercom System

Whole House Intercom SystemAs the years go by, the technology used in houses has vastly improved. What was once novelty concepts in futuristic houses have become realities. Whole house intercom systems are becoming more widespread over time, and it is certainly not a surprise. People can use these systems to keep in touch throughout their entire house, which allows parents to keep track of kids, elderly people who are not as mobile to alert others when they need help, and more. These systems are cheaper and more efficient than ever, and because of their advantages, should be considered by every homeowner.

Parents of young children will love a whole house intercom system. With the literal push of a button, they can summon everyone in the family to dinner, without having to raise their voice or go upstairs to track the kids down. These systems all enable talkback, so if a child cannot make it to the dinner table right away, the parents can converse with them to determine why and whether they need help. This allows the children to alert their parents to any emergency situations at night, so if the child does not feel safe getting out of bed they are still able to get out the communication they need.

Even if you do not have children, if you have a larger house, you probably are quite familiar with the problem with doorbells. There is only one ring, and by the time you make it to the door, the person who was there is gone. Or, alternatively, you are home alone and feel insecure, and the doorbell rings. Who knows who it is? Even looking through a peep hole could not be enough to establish the identity of the person visiting the house. It is difficult to know who they are and whether they pose any kind of a threat. Having an intercom system that is usable through the whole house allows you to verbally communicate with whoever is at the door, whether to let them know that you are on your way to open it if you are caught on the other side of the house, or to politely inform them that you are not interested in the product they are selling.

These intercom systems are a great improvement to any household, and are a wonderful idea to help open up lines of communication between families, especially families with small children or elderly family members living with them.

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Wireless PA Systems with Advanced Functionality

RoveTec IntercomOne can never have too much safety. As the old saying goes, locks are only for honest people. One of the best ways to secure your home or business is with a wireless PA system. Wireless PA systems are used for more than just protecting your place of business they are also used for communications across vast distances.

We remember the PA system in school when we would be called to the office or the daily events were announced to the entire school. PA systems have been a part of our world for a long time. But now choosing a PA system tends to include choosing between models that essentially offer a lot more, including two-way communication (should you require and enable it).

The first one is the MURS Multi-Mile Long-Range wireless Outdoor intercom. These intercoms use the MURS frequency which is for free unlicensed use for anyone. These systems will run you just under eight hundred dollars. This long range system even has a great speaker system which can be heard over half a mile.

The second PA system is the UWS wire free 900MHz outdoor wireless intercom. This handheld set proves that the old PA system which we remember hanging the wall in our schools is outdated. This set will cost just over one hundred and fifty dollars and used for people who need to be contacted while in the same building. Even though they have limited range, they are a great set of wireless PA systems.

If conserving energy is your thing then the third PA system, the Rove Tec 13 Volt solar power system will only cost you five hundred dollars and not a penny more as it runs off solar power. This unit is used for outdoor PA setups and uses call boxes which run completely off sunlight. This is also an easy to mount and install system which uses very few wires.

The fourth system is a digital camera and video intercom kit. This is for setups where you want to see who you are addressing on the PA system. This unit is very popular with office buildings and other places which have a security desk or a security room. This unit will run you just under six hundred dollars and comes complete with a monitoring use with the speaker mount and has easy installation.

The final of the top five wireless PA systems is the MURS multi-mile base wireless intercom. This unit is long range while also being cost effective. It runs between eighty to one hundred and thirty dollars. It features a simple voice to voice call and speak feature as well a wall mount and an easy form of installation.

All these make for the top five bestselling wireless PA systems.

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3 Top Entry Intercom Systems

MURS outdoor intercomWith intercom systems becoming more affordable and more necessary in recent years, the market has expanded and it can be somewhat daunting trying to decide which one will be the most appropriate. There are varying levels of needs that must be catered for – taking into account such considerations as disability accessibility, and audible clarity for the hard of hearing. These considerations have driven the intercom market to produce a wide range of products that can be used to suit almost any need. This guide will run through three of the best entry intercom systems available.

The first consideration is the UHF 456 450-470Mhz Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom. This intercom is used to permit or reject entry to premises via radio. The main appeal of this device is that it is robust; the robust steel exterior provides a tamper-proof level of security that will be an attractive feature for many. The simplicity of the face will also be somewhat appealing as it will be intuitive enough for the less technologically capable to use. However, perhaps the most attractive option here is that it runs off of regular batteries – this means no expensive wiring and maintenance costs. These savings should be considered when also considering its modest price tag.

One of the most popular intercom systems is the MURS Multi-Mile Long-Range Wireless Outdoor Intercom. As entry intercom systems go, this robust little number is considered the best of the best. The main reason many flock to this device for their intercom needs is that it has an incredibly large wireless range – the range of this device is measured not in feet or yards, but in miles. Aside from its unique range, it also boasts an incredibly professional and intuitive front plate that will fit into any setting with ease. Furthermore, this device runs from a simple AC to DC converter, making it an attractive option for those wishing to cut down on installation costs.

Finally, there is an entry system that introduces new technology in a fresh and excited way. The RoveTec Infinite-Range Wireless Cellular Network Intercom links the intercom system to a cellular phone, giving the user the unique opportunity to grant entry remotely, from absolutely anywhere in the world. This could be considered ground-breaking technology that will surely be of extensive use for many who require innovative, less restrictive intercom solutions.

Whichever system is chosen, it is important to do adequate research and ensure that the entry intercom system fits the needs of the user perfectly.

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Two-way Radios in a Business Setting

Two Way RadiosThe use of two-way radios in a business setting has been found to be very beneficial for employees and managers. It is an easy way for everyone to communicate should they be out with customers on a car lot or needing an address for a tow pickup or for contacting drivers on the road. Business two way radios have helped companies find new ways to coordinate and communicate when they are on the go. Whether you have a large business or a small one, the use of business two way radios has many great benefits including the improvement of productivity in your company. Without the proper communication in work sites that require it, your productivity drops and can even cause issues with safety and financial loss.

Two way radios are easy to use and offer a variety of data and voice features depending on what your company needs. You can find two way radios that work in very remote areas where a cell phone would not reach, and you can make instant contact with someone without having to use your cell phone’s minutes.

To find a good two way radio, you will want to find one that has a long battery life without having to be charged too often and one that has a good power source that will last your workers all day. You can find radios that are weather-proof, drop-proof, and shockproof to meet up to your expectations in a harsh work environment. Finding one with a good range of reception and clarity is also important. You will want to be sure everyone can communicate clearly. Private lines can be programmed so that each supervisor or manager is on their own channel and employees can reach who they need to at any given time.

You will find two way radios in all types of settings from manufacturing plants to hospitals, grocery stores, and construction sites. It’s a popular and easy way to communicate and keeping touch with everyone in the workplace can be important. Should something go wrong, contact can be made to the right person right away so that the problem can be addressed as soon as possible. Business radios use a different frequency than consumer radios, and with the frequencies used for businesses you will be able to cut out the chatter you might hear if you are using a consumer frequency. If you are looking for the perfect way to communicate with employees in your company, two way radios are a great choice for your business.

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5 Top Two-Way Radios from Intercomsonline

MURS two way radioThis world would not be the same if communication had not made such rapid strides over the years. If all large businesses such as retail stores, hotels, and restaurants are able to offer superior customer service to visiting customers, it’s sometimes due to two way communication systems available today. Thanks to the efforts taken by Intercoms Online, you can have the best two way radios installed to take your business to new heights, and register huge profit margins.

UHF 2 way radios need a special mention. They have come to the rescue of various kinds of businesses, providing excellent communication facilities that were unheard of in the past. No doubt, intercoms have made the job much easier for retail, hospitality and restaurant environments by enabling them to communicate effectively from one extreme corner to the other. But for this highly powerful intercom equipment, things would be in an unenviable position for many businesses, a fact that is well acknowledged by all those who have used products sold through Intercoms Online.

When it comes to UHF 2 way radios, you have a wide selection choice in front of you so that you can pick the right type of system required for your business. Made available at $169.00, the one-channel customer service two way radio offers the perfect solution to a host of businesses comprising of retail stores, service centers, hotels, restaurants, or for that matter any business that serve customers.

In the same fashion, but with little more alacrity, the four-channel customer service two way radio, available at only $199.00, serves as one of the best UHF 2 way radios that can be installed in a simple way to derive brilliant results. If the ultra-compact two way radio (1 channel) is specially designed to suit the needs of retail, hospitality and restaurant environments, the one with four communication channels also offers a wide range of applications.

If there is one product that doesn’t require much introduction, then it can only be the UHF 231 Xtra-touch No-display two way radio that is sold at $199.00. This heavy duty equipment has been manufactured specifically to custom fit military specifications. What sets it apart from the other range of UHF 2 way radios is its easy-to-carry small size.

Another outstanding intercom system is the UHF 450 406-470 MHz two way radio (1 unit) that is put on sale for $329.00. Working on the UHF 406-470 MHz licensed frequencies, these small size, lightweight, two way radios feature gate unlock control and the much-appreciated Emergency Call Feature.

Last, but not the least, is the ultra-compact Bluetooth two way radio (6 channel) that is offered for $369.00, the lightest business-class two way radio available on the market today.

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