June 2010

Wireless Access Control

Advances in wireless technology, combined with the increasing demand for reliable communication and property security systems, have led to a significant rise in the variety of wireless access control devices that are now available on the market.  These devices dramatically enhance the convenience and safety of a home or business by giving the people who live or work there the capacity to remotely control the entrances to the property and to communicate easily with people over long distances.  Investing in one of these modern, exciting and innovative products makes your property a much more enjoyable and secure place to be.

There are many advantages of installing a wireless access control system as a method of communication within a property.

They are extremely cheap and easy to install and maintain as they do not rely upon complicated and expensive underground wiring.

They are very cheap to run as there are no ongoing operating costs as there would be access control systems that use regular telephone lines.  The only costs involved after purchasing the system are occasionally changing the batteries (unless you AC or solar power them).

They are very reliable and not susceptible to outages that seem to affect the public telephone grid or to wire cuts caused by digging, rodents, or other causes.

Wireless access control systems are extremely easy to operate as they generally only involve the push of a button to facilitate direct communication with other connected devices.

There are also numerous advantages of installing a wireless access control system as a property security measure.  The wireless system means that you don’t need to alter the property in any way by digging trenches for complicated wiring.  It also means that there is no need to maintain and repair wire connections, which have a tendency to become worn and damaged over time.  Fitting property entrances with a video or voice communication system means that any visitors to the property can be easily identified prior to being granted access.  And finally, the remote control gate opening function adds an additional level of convenience by eliminating the need to manually open the entrance for guests.

There is a wide variety of wireless access control systems that can be installed in homes or businesses and technological advances have made these systems much more affordable in recent years.  Some of the most popular wireless access control systems that are currently available include the following:

The Outdoor Intercom Callbox

Wireless call box for wireless access control

Wireless Call Box

This is a heavy duty, weather resistant wireless system that provides easy communication between a callbox that is situated at a specific fixed location, and other handheld intercom devices.  It allows for long range communication between the devices over a distance of up to one-mile.  This distance can be increased with the addition of an external antenna.  These systems have become very popular for businesses where reliable and easy to operate two-way communication must be available at all times.

The Intercom Callbox with Gate Relay

This system has a lot of the same features as the Outdoor Intercom Callbox outlined above, with the addition of the “gate relay” element.  This basically means that the callbox, or any of the handheld devices that are connected to it, can be used to remotely open a gate for a visitor.  A switch output is built into the callbox that enables it to perform a range of functions where an on/off switch is used.  These situations include opening or closing a gate or magnetic door, turning on a light or sounding an alarm.

Another useful feature of these systems is the “listen in” function.  When the “listen in” button is pressed a transmitter in the callbox is activated which enables the user to listen for any sounds that are coming from the area surrounding the callbox for a period of 30 seconds.  In this way they are able to discretely monitor activity in the vicinity of the callbox location.

The Door Access System

This is quite a simple door answering and opening system that is very popular for both commercial and residential properties.  These systems generally comprise of two main components.  The first is known as the “door station” and this is fitted outside the entrance.  The second component is called the “master station” and this is fitted inside the property.  Depending upon the size and general layout of the property it may be more convenient or practical to have more than one master station.

When a visitor arrives at the door they press a button on the door station and this triggers a short alarm at the master station(s).  Someone inside the property then answers this alarm and the two parties are able to communicate with one another through the wireless device.  An optional additional feature of these systems is a door release system which enables the door to be opened remotely by the person operating the master station.

The Digital Video Intercom System

Video wireless access controlThese innovative systems use digital technology to provide the best possible monitoring of property entrances.  These systems also typically consist of two components.  The first is a wide angle lens (generally with a 170 degree view) that is fitted above the door or gate at the entrance to the property.  This unit is weather and vandal resistant.  The second component is fitted inside the property and is made up of a screen and a control panel.  This high resolution screen displays the image from the camera and the controls enable the operator to perform a wide range of functions.

The outdoor camera is triggered by a sensor alert which also activates a sound alarm within the property.  The video system uses sophisticated digital technology to allow the operator to alter the camera angle and zoom in on the subjects.  Based on the images, the operator can then chose whether to communicate with the visitor via the speaker system or to open the gate remotely and allow them to enter the property.  Both of these actions can be realized by the simple push of a button.  A significant new development in this line of products is its ability to operate in a variety of light conditions and to record and store the images for later use.

The wireless access control systems outlined above significantly improve modern homes and businesses by providing greater communication, security and remote control over the property.  Technological advances in the field of property security and wireless communication have led to an incredible new range of affordable, exciting and innovative products which will increase the value of the property, while also enhancing its security and convenience.

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