May 2010

Mobile Two Way Radio

Three decades of designing and manufacturing reliable, professional wireless communications products has led to what we believe is the best mobile two-way radioon the market today. The MURS 110 and UHF 410 are small in size, lightweight, yet it can output as much as 5 watts of power.

These radios are built to military specification standards to guard against rain, dust, shock, and vibration. Buying a two-way radio that meets mil-spec standards automatically means you’re buying a quality product that is built to withstand tougher use.

Unlike most professional two-way radios, these radios are compact and fit nicely in your hand.

No matter whether you need something in UHF or VHF frequencies, one of these radios will fit your needs. If you don’t want to get an FCC license to operate your radio, then the VHF MURS 110 two way radio can be programmed for the 5 MURS unlicensed frequencies. If you currently have two-way radios, then you can program these radios to work with them on up to 10 channels.

There are three Programmable Function Buttons on the MURS 110 and UHF 410 two way radios. The MURS 110 comes with one of those buttons already programmed to open a gate attached to a wireless call box. You can also program one of the buttons of the MURS 110 to access NOAA weather radio for weather alerts, or you can simply change to the NOAA channel.

These radios come with a fast-rate drop in charger with an extra battery slot. Also included is a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery pack with a sturdy attached belt clip.

An optional 6 unit charger is available that enables you to charge up to six radios simultaneously.

Headsets and other accessories attach to these radios using two screws so they stay firmly attached and won’t pull out. There are a variety of headsets available for varying applications.

These radios also include other useful features such as:

Emergency Call which enables the radio user to immediately notify all other radios on the same channel in the case of an emergency.

VOX voice activation lets you transmit without having to press the push-to-talk button.

Channel Scan is used to listen to the channels on the radio that you want to monitor and then respond back on an active channel.

2-Tone code can be programmed on a channel and it enables you to send a code to trigger a device such as opening a gate or door on a wireless call box.

The Voice Inversion Scrambler feature garbles voice transmissions so only another radio programmed with the Scramble feature can understand what is being said.

Both the MURS 110 and UHF 410 radios can be found at

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