July 2008

Choosing a Door Intercom

A door intercom is can be used by a gate or exterior door to greet your visitors. When they press button on the door intercom it sounds an alert on an inside station. The person inside can then press a button to respond.

There are two primary types of door intercoms, wired and wireless. If you have a new building under construction, then a wired system would probably be best. There is no better time to install wiring than before the drywall goes up. If you install CAT-5 wiring you can use the majority of the video or audio intercoms on the market. With a wired intercom system you won’t have to worry about any interference from other wireless devices.

If you have a pre-existing building, installing wiring may be cost prohibitive. That’s where a wireless system will benefit you. The one you choose comes down to the distance and obstacles between the outdoor and indoor stations. Some units only transmit at a range of a few hundred feet, while commercial models can go up to a couple of miles.

RoveTec IntercomThe other choice you’ll have is with features. One wired unit uses your existing telephones to communicate with the door unit. If you have a remote door lock, you can even hit the * key on the telephone keypad to unlock the door.

You can also use a video intercom so you can see who is at the door. You can even get a unit that records what happens at the door. There are no wireless video intercoms so you’ll have to run wires to use video.

Go to the Doorbell Intercom section of www.IntercomsOnline.com to see available door intercom units.

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Wireless PA System

A Wireless PA System is used applications where it would simply be too costly or even impossible to runMURS Wireless PA System wires for a conventional PA system. A wireless PA system consists of a wireless receiver box connected to a horn PA speaker via a cable, and then some sort of wireless transmitting device, which could be a two-way radio or base-station intercom.

Someone who wants to make a page to the wireless PA system just has to set the transmitter to the same channel as the wireless PA and then press the push-to-talk button on the transmitter.

The system has a range of up to a couple of miles and the range can even be extended by adding an external antenna to either the Wireless PA, the transmitter, or both.

IntercomsOnline.com has the MURS Wireless PA System that has several transmitter options.

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2-Way Industrial Intercom

A 2-way Industrial Intercom could either be wired or wireless. With the high cost of running wires most most businesses are looking for wireless options.

MURS IntercomAt IntercomsOnline.com we sell mostly wireless systems, but we are distributors for most types of wired intercom systems. Since putting these systems together can be complex, we need to custom develop the system for each business.

Since a wired system can be so complex, that’s why most businesses choose to go with a wireless system. A wireless system may be a combination of 2-way radios, base-station intercoms, outdoor callboxes, and even wireless PA devices.

Our most popular line of wireless industrial intercoms is our MURS series of products. You can find out more about them by going to the MURS Radios section of www.IntercomsOnline.com.

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Building to Building Intercom System

A building to building intercom system poses several challenges. For a wired system there’s the obstacles between the buildings. Usually there is a paved parking lot or city street between buildings. If you’ve ever gotten a quote to have someone come and trench across a parking lot to run a cable, and then repair that parking lot afterwards, you know that the expense can be astronomical.

If you have a public street between buildings, now you not only have the huge expense, but also the red tape of trying to get the city to let you dig their street up. It’s not always possible, especially in historic areas.

So that’s why wireless intercoms are popular for building to building intercom applications. But these are not without challenges either. For wireless intercoms distance and interference are the potential application killers.

There is really only one wireless intercom system that fits this application. This “system” is really more of a wireless spectrum that multiple manufacturers use. That spectrum is call MURS, which is short for Multi-Use Radio Service. It is a group of unlicensed frequencies and any manufacturer can create compatible products for it.

MURS has a long range and it has enough power to overcome lots of interference so it’s perfect  to use as a building to building intercom system.

You can find these intercoms on www.intercomsonline.com under the MURS Radios link.

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Wireless Video Intercom

We quite often get requests for a wireless video intercom system. People want to be able to place a camera/intercom at their front door or gate and then have a monitor inside the house or business.

Wireless Video IntercomAt www.IntercomsOnline.com we do carry one wireless video solution. The Portable Handheld Wireless Video Intercom enables you to place an outdoor camera at the front door or gate so you can see who is there and talk to them as well.

This system also lets you capture video snapshots so you can have a record of who was at your door.

If you can run a wire, then we have several other wired video intercoms at  www.IntercomsOnline.com.

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Long Range Wireless PA System

MURS Wireless PA System

A long range wireless PA system is used where a wired system would simply be too expensive. The PA system consists of wireless receiver that is attached to a horn PA speaker. A transmitter in the form of a portable 2-way radio, mobile radio or base station intercom is used to send live voice messages directly to the PA speaker from up to 2 miles away. An external antenna can be added to increase range.

The wireless PA does need a 110volt power source, however there is a rechargeable battery pack that will power the unit for up to 10 hours. There is also a solar power package to operate the unit on solar power.

One wireless PA system can support up to 2 horn speakers. These units are available in both UHF and VHF frequencies and can be programmed to work with your existing radios.

This long range wireless PA system has applications for schools, hotels, factories, office buildings, hospitals, airports, marinas, country clubs, warehouses, lumber yards, salvage yards, boat yards, rental yards, parking lots, construction sites, amusement parks, golf courses, special events, sporting events, and lots of other uses.

These units are available at www.intercomsonline.com .

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Motorcycle Intercom System

A motorcycle intercom system turns a solitary riding experience into a shared experience. If you’re riding with a passenger or another biker, having an intercom mounted in your helmet eliminates trying to shout to communicate.

There are lots of motorcycle intercom systems to choose from so it’s hard to decide how to choose the right one for you. These intercoms have to work in an extremely difficult environment so choosing the right one for your riding style is important.

There’s a good motorcycle intercom review to help you choose a motorcycle intercom system in the article directory on www.intercomsonline.com .

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Child Daycare Center Uses Wireless Intercom to Meet Requirements

Child care centers have to meet state care regulations, which of course can be quite stringent. One of the requirements is often to have some form of communication system out on the playground. An outdoor wireless intercom can meet this requirement.

Wireless Call Box

Wireless Emergency Call Box

We had a childcare center in New Mexico meet this requirement with our MURS wireless intercom system. They placed our MURS Outdoor Callbox Wireless Intercom on the playground. Then inside they place a combination of MURS Commercial Intercoms and MURS Multi-Mile Intercoms.

They could have also added a portable handheld two-way radio to the system so the office manager could always be in contact with someone on the playground.

All these units are available at www.intercomsonline.com or by calling 888-298-9489.

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Wireless Intercom for Noisy Environments

One application we get requests for is a wireless intercom that can be heard in noisy environments. Usually one intercom is in a quiet office environment and the other in a garage or workshop where loud engines or machinery is being used. The person in the noisy environment can’t hear someone calling them on the intercom.

We have a couple of ways we handle this application. Both applications require installing a wireless intercom on both the quiet and noisy sides.

Wireless PA system For Noisy EnvironmentsIn really noisy environments we recommend installing the MURS Wireless PA system. he MURS Wireless PA (Public Address) is a radio receiver that allows you to use your base station intercom or mobile 2-way radio to deliver voice messages directly to an attached PA horn speaker up to 2 miles away. While this PA system can’t be used for two way communication, it will get the attention of someone in a noisy environment so they can stop what they are doing and go to a wireless intercom to talk. In this application either the MURS Multi-Mile Intercom or the MURS Commercial Intercom will work on either side. You can mix these two together since they will talk to each other.

You would put the MURS Wireless PA on a different channel than you use to communicate between the quiet and noisy areas. So to contact someone, you switch to the PA channel, speak your message, and then switch back to the communication channel to talk to them.

In marginally noisy environments we recommend the MURS Commercial Intercom on the noisy side. You can add an external speaker to this unit that will increase the volume a little. If you have a powered amplifier of some sort laying around, you could also feed the output jack on the MURS Commercial Intercom into your amplifier to increase the volume of the signal. You can use the less expensive MURS Multi-Mile Intercom on the quiet side.

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Wireless Commercial Intercom Systems

Wireless Commercial Intercom Systems are usually used by businesses because they don’t want the expense of running wires. Wireless intercoms also have the advantage of portability and mobility.

You can get base station units that plug into AC and communicate over the airwaves, but they can easily be unplugged and moved to another location. You can add a handheld two-way radio to this same system and people moving about the building can keep in touch with those base stations.

These systems are also built a little tougher that those intercoms found in a residence. You can add two-way radios that are built to military standards. Base station intercoms are put in metal housings for increased durability.

You can find commercial systems at intercomsonline.com.

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